Thursday, May 14, 2009

803-not just an area code for Columbia, SC

Last week we hit an impressive number on here. We celebrated our 800th post on the DivaDomain. To me that sounds like a lot! The blog turns 5 at the end of May, so if you count 5 years... 803 current posts... 160.5 per year... or a little over 3 blogs per week, and that's assuming I don't blog for the rest of the month (like that would ever happen).

No, I'm not Internet obsessed, but I do love my blogging, and wonder how different my life would look without this creative and communicative outlet. Well, maybe my life wouldn't look all that different, but things certainly wouldn't be "blogworthy," you wouldn't read about me eating chicken tendons, or things falling into a urine-filled toilet, or forgetting to wear a bra, and I undoubtedly wouldn't remember 3/4 of my twenties without the Diva Domain.

Plus with our newest family addition, you wouldn't be able to see all the cute things Bradley's up to. If you care about those sorts of things, we have new videos posted on the YouTube page.

Hope you are enjoying reading the blog half as much as I enjoy writing it. Here's to 803 more posts... at this rate, I'll be 33 years old when that happens- EEK!

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Rhonda said...

I love all the new videos!!! "DAD! DAD! DAD!"