Monday, May 11, 2009

A mouthful of tendons

Brian & I watched the Jim Carey movie "Yes Man" last week. It was a mediocre rental, but there was this one part in the film where they are touring a chicken processing plant. The tourguide uses the phrase "a mouthful of tendons" in reference to something not going right with the chicken processing, and this is what you might wind up with: a mouthful of tendons.

EW! Gross! Could there be a more disgusting phrase? (A "moist penetration of cutlets" might run a close second, or some other phrase out there with a handful of my least-favorite words, but still- you have to agree this one's pretty disgusting.)

Flash forward to yesterday. The 5 of us were enjoying the lunch that Brian had made. Brian had seconds, but couldn't finish the last few bites of his enchilada, so I offered to eat the remains. The last bite I took was a little too chewy, and not in a good way. I think I got a bad piece of chicken I said, and went to the trashcan to discreetly spit it out. You might say I had the dreaded mouthful of tendons!

What's worse though, is that then Brian asks me if the piece of chicken I just ate came from the side of his plate. Apparently, he tried the bad piece of chicken too, and spit it out on the side of his plate without saying anything, and so the tendon I was chewing was a piece of ABC chicken!!!

I was thoroughly grossed out, as was everyone else at the table. It was a long time afterwards before I quit thinking of the recycled tendon, and wanting to throw up. The moral of the story is, always trim the fat off your meat before you cook it!

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Rhonda said...

ACK! gag! ugh! yuck! eww!