Friday, May 08, 2009

Aunt Sarah comes to visit, & a family trip to the beach

Okay, so I am a week late posting this, but last weekend was a very eventful one at our house.

Bradley's aunt Sarah came into town from Seattle to stay a few days with us. She got in on Thursday night, and brought with her Bradley's first 1st Birthday present that he got to open. She had me intrigued because she emailed me prior to her visit and told me she knew what she wanted to get Bradley, and that it came in several different languages, and asked which language I would prefer. I told her German, and this is what she came up with:
Bradley's first set of wooden alphabet blocks, and all the numbers are spelled out "auf Deutsch" under the numerals, and on one side of each block there is a picture of a different animal, with each name in German as well. Kuddos to Sarah for a very cool gift!
As you can see, Bradley loved his gift.
Since it was the night before Brian's birthday (and Laura's too!) he opened his gifts that night as well. This is him opening the one from Bradley.

Friday we were in the car all day driving to and from Port St. Joe, FL where Grandpa Cimpher is in a nursing home. It's a 3 hour drive each way, so I spent some quality time with Dave Matthews in the car, and Bradley's Kindermusik cd when he got fussy. We celebrated Brian's birthday at a pizza place for lunch out there with his mom and aunt Bev, along with me Bradley and Sarah. This is my pitiful excuse for a homemade birthday cake. The icing wouldn't cooperate. It never does. So I jokingly told Brian it looked like Bradley had decorated his cake, although it's not quite bad enough to make cakewrecks.
After lunch we saw Grandpa Cimpher and took this "Four Generation" picture. I'm so glad we have these pictures for Bradley since I don't have any grandparents left on my side of the family.
And here's Bradley playing with aunt Sarah.
Saturday the weather was perfect so we went to the beach. (This is the day we had our near-brush with death with the shark.) We had a good 3 hours in the sun before Bradley needed to go home for his afternoon nap. We packed a cooler and ate lunch on the beach- here was my view while I ate my sandwich:
And here's Bradley and his aunt Sarah- check out her way cool vintage swimsuit!
Our little guy is such a stud! He wouldn't keep his sunglasses on though, so in this picture he's pulling them off!
I love this one because of all the different shades of blue. You can't see it, but behind the pacifier, he's doing Blue Steele.Here's our obligatory family shot. I'm going to keep taking these this summer until I have a good one that I like. This one's just okay.
I like this one even though we aren't looking at the camera.

Goodbye Sarah, come back any time!

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Anonymous said...

your cake was delicious! but not as delicious as the bass you caught.