Monday, May 04, 2009

Swimming with Sharks

Saturday we had a great afternoon at the beach. The weather was perfect- sunny and low 80's, and the ocean was finally warm enough to enjoy. Brian's sister Sarah was in town visiting, and our friend Amber and her 8 year old son Micah met us at the beach. At one point Sarah offered to watch Bradley under the umbrella so I could go get in the water with Brian. This was the first time this year the water has really been warm enough to get in, so we took advantage of it.

It was high tide, so the water was really shallow for a long ways out. Brian and I waded out to what I consider to be pretty far, but the water was only waist-high. We stood there for a while jumping through the waves when all of a sudden Brian says very matter of factly,
We need to go back now.
I asked him, quizzically, because we hadn't been out there very long, and the water felt sooo great! Again, very calmly he just repeated,
We just need to go back.

Well then it dawns on me that he's seen something in the water, and I need to not ask any more questions and get back to the shore as quickly as possible. We start to walk/wade our way to shore, and I don't dare ask him what he saw until I am safely on the beach. We make it almost all the way back and then I start to panic as the undertow is strong and I'm having a hard time getting out of the water as quickly as I'd like, so then I started to hyperventilate!

To Brian's credit he stayed calm the entire time and encouraged me that we were almost there. Finally we make it up onto the beach and I ask him what he saw. Sure enough, he saw a shark swim by about 2 feet in front of us. Not a big one he said, but a shark nonetheless. I don't play around when it comes to ocean wildlife, and if it happened to be a baby shark, that means the momma shark isn't too far off. So that effectively ended our time in the water!! I spent the rest of the afternoon there helping Micah build a sandcastle!

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