Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2 years baby, 2 years!

(The title of this blog is a FRIENDS reference, so let's see if anyone besides Brian gets it!)

Last night Brian and I got to go on a real, honest-to-goodness, dress-up-and-go-out-to-eat, DATE! We were celebrating our 2 year anniversary of meeting and being together. (Thanks mom and dad for the Olive Garden gift cards- they came in handy!)

It's hard to believe that it was just 2 years ago that 8 (or was it 9?) of us girls packed our bags and headed south to Navarre for Spring Break 07, and it was there that I met my hot cabana boy at the quaint little beach bar near our condo. Who knew that'd he'd actually follow through on his word and come to visit me in Tennessee 2 weeks later, and that 2 years later, here we are married with an almost-one-year-old, living in Florida!

Life has crazy twists and turns, and it's been two of the most challenging but most rewarding years of my life. A lot of people haven't supported our relationship, and many still don't, but that's okay. To those naysayers out there, I want you to know publicly and unabashedly that I am happy. Brian is happy. We've made many wrong decisions in our relationship but we're committed to each other, and committed to working everything out. Marriage is a challenge for sure, but its payoff is equally ginormous. And don't even get me started on parenting! My heart just melts when Bradley smiles at me. It about killed me to leave him with our friend so we could go to dinner last night! He claps his hands now, and looks at me immediately for approval, so I laugh accordingly and tell him what a good boy he is! Anyways, I'll get off topic if I start raving about my precious boy!
Point is, it's the relationships that take the most work that give the most back, and Brian and I were thrilled to celebrate 2 years of being together yesterday. We had a fun day together being lazy around the house- he took the day off and surprised me by being home after Bradley & I got back from Kindermusik, and I had a bag of goodies waiting on me too. Plus, here's the kicker- he cleaned up the house while I was gone- so he definitely earned his gold star from me that day!
Like I put in Brian's card, here's to the next 2 years... 10 years... 20 years!


Rhonda said...

This made me smile - i love you!

Natrudy said...

Somebody is a hottie in their smokin' black dress!!! Just had to add that, sorry!!

lisathom said...

Happy 2 years! so happy you're happy! :)

Mary Anna said...

I'm proud of you gal. I second what Rhondonkulous said.

emmysue said...

Love this post. And love that you worked in the word "ginormous!"