Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's just like, it's just like a mini... MALL!

On our way back from the beach on Sunday, we took a detour to Montgomery to visit the Flea Market. If you haven't seen this video, you must stop and watch it now before proceeding! I promise you, you will not regret the 2 minutes it takes to watch this actual commercial.

Mmkay, are we all caught up and singing the jingle to ourselves now? Good.

We girls had no idea what to expect when we pulled up to the store in a very run-down area of Montgomery. We didn't want to offend the store people and customers, or make a spectacle of ourselves. Mary Anna had called earlier that afternoon to get directions and make sure they were open since it was Memorial Day, and the owner, Sammy Stephens sang to her over the phone! This was a good sign we felt.

We entered the Montgomery Flea Market trepidatiously and wandered around the booths that were all enclosed with bars and chicken wire before making our way over to the side of the flea market with furniture about which Sammy Stephens boasts. Down the stairs comes the owner himself in a 3 piece suit, and he shakes each of our hands and introduces himself to us individually. We still aren't sure how to react until he begins to sing the mini mall rap to us, and so we throw caution to the wind and sing along with him! Here is a man who is in the midst of his 15 minutes of fame and loving it.

He has his segment from when he was on the Ellen Degeneres show looped and playing on a big screen, he has T-shirts for sale, and offered to sign them for us. He called Sarah Scott and sang to her on her voicemail since she wasn't on the trip with us, and for the ultimate flea market experience, we filmed our very own Montgomery Flea Market video in front of the store with Sammy. This guy is a cult icon right now- even the Montgomery police pulled up while we were out front and quoted the store's jingle over their car's loudspeaker, while Sammy beamed with pride. The store is apparently inundated with fans like us who are stopping in to see if this guy is for real or not, and the owner plays the part to a tea. He has a Flea Market remix version coming out on cd, and will be making more television appearances soon so stay tuned. And of course he is loving all the free publicity that people like me are giving him by posting the video to our myspace pages and blogs.

As much fun as our trip to the beach was this past weekend, the detour through Montgomery was definitely a highlight of the trip!

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Mary Anna said...

I'm still in state of shock and disbelief that this actually happened...