Thursday, May 03, 2007

Don't worry, B.McNeel's happy

May first was Laura's 23rd birthday. We celebrated by driving out to the Boro and let Laura open her presents at the apartment, then all 5 of us headed to downtown Murfreesboro and enjoyed a fabulous dinner at this quaint little restaurant on the square. The name of this fantastic dining establishment is B. McNeel's. From the front of the place, it looks pretty non-descript, and is likely one of those places you'd pass right by without noticing unless you were looking for it. Once inside however, the shiny hardwood floors and white table linens made for an elegant setting. The host offered us a place on the patio so we took advantage of the gorgeous spring evening. The walled in patio was covered with ivy, and all the trees were decorated with white lights. As it got darker the servers lit the candle votives on the table. The whole patio had amazing ambiance. B. McNeel's has an extensive wine and martini list (and even have blue cheese stuffed olives, which is Laura's mark of a good restaurant!). For dinner I had the Parmesan stuffed eggplant, Mom had the chicken Marsala, George & Dad both got the red snapper (I don't even know 'er) (sadly, yes, that joke was made, and not by me I might add!), and the birthday girl got the blue cheese stuffed fillet. The variety of tastes and prices on the menu was excellent, and the dishes came with inventive side items like snow peas, new Orleans potato casserole, and spinach. I supposed I'd describe the menu as ecceletic southern food, and it does change with the seasons. B.McNeel's is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely dinner, and I'd definitely recommend it for anyone who frequents the 'Boro for dining.

After dinner we enjoyed some pink and green Shrek birthday cake prepared by yours truly, and watched the backwards episode of Seinfeld- one of my favorite episodes ever!


Anonymous said...

i am so glad that we went there, it was so good. i had a wonderful birthday.

emmysue said...

Girl, I am SO impressed by your cake-making skills!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

I saw that Seinfeld this past week, too, and enjoyed the sheer cleverness of it again. The lollipop that gets bigger...the "God bless you" then the sneeze...and then back to the day Jerry moves in, and tells Kramer "what's mine is yours." I've never seen it done on any other show, and I've been watching TV longer than you!

Mary Anna said...

Happy um... Belated Birthday Laura!