Sunday, May 27, 2007

Look like lesbians!

Saturday night, the 9 of us took our time getting ready after our day at the beach. We all got cutsied-up and headed over to nearby Pensecola for dinner and a night out. Upon arriving at Pegleg Pete's at 9pm, we are told that it's a 2 1/2 hour wait. Obviously, that's not going to work for 9 hungry girls, so we called another restauant we had spotted and headed over there where the wait was between 30 and 45 minutes.

To kill time before we're seated we head upstairs to the balcony bar and order drinks. The bartender is cute and young, so we ask him where some nearby places would be good to go after dinner.
Well, he says, pausing, that depends. What are you here for?
Confused, we tell him that we're just here on vacation and are looking for someplace fun with people our age and maybe a place where we can dance.
So, you're not here for the Gay Pride weekend? He asks.
Are you serious? I ask him.
Do we look like lesbians?! Mary Anna asks him incredulously.
Well, he replied, when you see a big group of girls together...
and he trailed off. We realized how hilarious the situation was, and upon learning of the ensuing festival, we noticed lesbians everywhere, many of them in polo shirts and plaid board shorts, the apparent required dress code. The quote for the evening coined by Amy when taking pictures was, "Look like lesbians!"

I overheard the bartender telling the 3 middle-aged men sitting next to us about our apparent ignorance of the Pensacola Pride party, and I heard one of them say, yeah right, like they didn't know. So I turned around and told them that we were not prideful yet, but that's why we were in Pensacola- to work on it this weekend. They laughed and got a big kick out of that. Turns out one of them was a music producer from Nashville and had a niece a few years behind me in school. There's always a Nashville connection!

In desperate need to prove our "straight pride" we 9 flirted shamelessly with our adorable server named Forrest. He was young- only 23- and so I jokingly said,

that's OK, we like 'em young cause they're easier to train!
He quipped back without missing a beat, Oh, I am so obedient to you.
Let me tell you... having a cute guy tell a group of women that he's obedient to them is just hot, and that's all I'm gonna say! Lisa & Melissa took a roommate pic with Forrest and told him, you're going on our refrigerator. (And if anyone out there is handy with the photoshop, I wouldn't mind having one with me and Forrest too!)
After dinner we walked next door to a club that had loud music playing and upon seeing the clientele we opted to go back to Navarre Beach and skip the dance club. A woman hollered after us as we were leaving, "it's gay tonight!" gleefully. Once in the car I declared, someone put in Justin Timberlake- I'm in need of some testosterone STAT!

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