Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"I-Hop called, they want their roach back"

We're back from the beach from what I daresay was my favorite beach trip yet. A lot of it has to do with having more time to spend in the sand and not being as rushed ("we felt rushed")

There are too many stories to tell in one post, so let me begin with the breakfast fiasco. We drove through the night, which is definitely the way to do it by the way, and rolled into Navarre Beach around 6:30 am on Friday morning. After driving for a while down 98, the main road on the beach, we found an I-Hop, which sounded like heaven to us.
The 9 of us sat at our large table in the center of the restaurant. I wasn't hungry at all, having purchased and eaten some Soft Batch cookies from a gas station at 3 am (I must have been lonely), but I knew I'd be hungry once we got on the beach, so in true Bradley fashion I was planning on eating anyways. After everyone had ordered drinks, we spotted what must have been the biggest roach I have ever seen in a restaurant before. We tried not to cause too much of a commotion as we squirmed and watched the bug crawl across the wall and down the back of a nearby booth. I don't do bugs, so I ran down to the other end of the table and took another seat, still grossly fascinated with the roach, albeit from a safe distance. That Ain't Right, we exclaimed so I quickly snapped a picture, knowing this would be great blog material.
We told our waitress, and she blamed the big bug on it being Florida, and not the Dirty I-Hop, which is what we were all thinking, and then squashed the bug with a napkin in a blase fashion (perhaps this happens on a regular basis?). Our group looks at each other deciding what we should do, and while I was planning on walking out right then, the group decides to stay and eat anyways. I however, decided not to force myself to eat breakfast after all, and managed to choke down some orange juice and coffee, but spent the entire meal glancing around the restaurant, just sure I was going to spot another roach.
As we're getting ready to leave, the next topic for discussion becomes whether or not we should change into our swimsuits here, or try to check in early at the condo and change there. Mary Anna defiantly declares, I am NOT changing in this bathroom.
So wait a minute, I say smirking, let me get this straight. You'll eat the food, but you won't change in the bathroom?! How does that work?
Luckily, we were able to get into the condo early, so we made the right choice to move on!


Sarah said...

Ew, and ew. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Mary Anna said...

You know I don't like public bathrooms... Don't judge me...