Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday

The 3rd birthday of my blog went by without much fanfare (we turned 3 on May 25th!!!). Hey, I was at the beach, celebrating the divadomain- where did you expect me to be? In front of a computer?! I suppose if I were the planner like MA, I would have pre-composed a blog for the occasion and had it automatically post on the 25th but I'm not that organized. So here I sit, a week later, blogging belatedly.

3 years is a long time to have one's life recorded in cyberspace. I will never forget the day I discovered blogging. It was May 25th, 2004. I was working at the Bone & Joint Clinic- And by "working" I mean I played on the internet for most of my work day- And on this particular afternoon I was internet-stalking a guy via Google, and stumbled across the dude's name in a blog written by my music minister's son. At the very top of his page, there was an enticing little orange blogger button I'm sure you've all seen before that said "Create Blog."

What else to have to do? I thought, so I clicked on the button, and my life as a twenty-something was forever changed. I set up the divadomain using the only pink template available and began by writing my first blog- The List- it detailed my most-favorite and most-abhorred words. My hobby/creative outlet/new means of communication began.

I've done a lot of thinking lately. 3 years of blogging. So what's different about the 3rd year from the 2nd? I liken it to being out of the terrible twos, and coming into my own personality and being more comfortable in my own skin. I did some research about Typical Behavior Milestones for children, but I find that they apply in my current life stages as well.

The two year old:
  • Wants exactly what she wants when she wants it.
  • Will not usually give in.
  • Everything has to be done just so. (Hello, OCD tendencies that popped up out of nowhere!)
  • Likes to give orders.
  • Has trouble making decisions
  • Wants to continue doing whatever she is doing no matter what.
  • Wants things to always be just the way they have always been; may accept new things but wants to keep the old things too.
  • May begin to bite. (OK, maybe not so much this one!!)
The three year old:
  • Enjoys having things the same way all the time; ie: peanut butter for lunch every single day
  • Isn’t as demanding as a two year old.
  • Likes talking and word games.
  • Tends to be clumsy; spills and falls are very common.
  • Will sometimes revert back to being a baby and clinging to Mommy.
  • Does not share well. ("Amanda doesn't share food!")
  • Loves pretending. ("I'm 21 and in college, dangit!")

Thanks to all my friends, family, stalkers, and strangers who continue to read this blog. I would probably still blog even if no one else read it, but it makes it so much more fun when you do (and post comments)! I love being able to go back at random and see what I was up to on any given day, and love that many of your lives are documented in here too. Here's to many more happy years of blogging to come, Lord willing!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated third... may get your blog a leapfrog or something to celebrate...

... and on a side note, thanks for the entertainment over these last couple years...



Mary Anna said...

Happy Birthday DD! I credit you with the existence of my blog in the first place!

Anonymous said...

i can't believe i've been reading this thing for 3 years. i need a new hobby.
~ari :)

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Happy bloggerversary!

I'm yet another beneficiary of your urge to share your private life with strangers (some stranger than others). Not only do I enjoy the vicarious thrill of dropping in for a visit to the Diva Domain, you got me started on doing my own blogging in S. Africa, which led to my own place at the cool kids' table. My work habits have never been the same.

I've sent you the retouched pic you your readers know, so you might as well post it to prevent a riot of folks demanding to see it.

P.S.: Feel free to add your ideas to my list of suggestions for Hillary's campaign song: