Monday, July 11, 2011

More 4th of July Fun

The weekend of the 4th we went to visit Michael, Missy, Braedon, Garrick, and Addison in Evansville, Indiana. This was our sort of family get-together for the 4th of July.  It was basically a relaxing time of sitting out in the backyard and watching the kids run around, listening to music, and doing what our family does best- talk and laugh.  We had a family water balloon toss game, which Braedon and I won.  The kids swam in the pool, jumped on the trampoline, had a fierce water baloon fight and ran around together from morning til night.

Bradley & Addie in the baby pool
Mike & Mike trying to figure out the pool filter
Garrick models the latest fashion of wearing your socks with your swimtrunks
Braedon was such a good sport by letting the little ones throw water baloons at him.  He then unmercifully threw them at his younger brother Garrick and brought him to tears!
Cousins in the pool
Our 4th of July Funfetti cupcakes that Bradley helped me decorate
Cupcake time
Stupid me, I cut off Addison's face in the picture, but it was still a really cute one of her and Bradley
Since Bradley could not get enough Cheeeeeese balls at Michael & Missy's house last summer, they made sure to have a huge container of them for him this time too.  Bradley was obsessed with them!  The proof is in his orange mouth and fingers!  When jumping into the pool, Bradley was yelling "Cheeseball!" 
"Um, I think you mean 'cannonball,' Bradley," we told him.

watching the fireworks out front
Braedon reads a Toy Story book to Ginger, Garrick, Bradley & Addison
Sunday morning Braedon practiced his pitching with Uncle Mike.  We affectionately call Braedon "Justin Bieber" because he has been mistaken for the popstar many times with his shaggy hair!
Uncle Mike the pitching coach
Made in the shade
Family picture on the front porch
Thanks Michael, Michael-Missy (Bradley's name for Missy), and kids!  We had such a fun time, and can't wait to get together again!


MamaB said...

Yes, we did have a fun time. I actually got a suntan from being outside for such a LONG period--but it was worth it--good fun,great food and fun family times.

Michael-Missy said...

We always have so much fun with you guys! Wish we lived closer so we could do it more often...