Thursday, July 07, 2011

A City Girl's 4th of July Lament

Two things you should know about me:
I am a city girl at heart and
I like to be up front and center, in the middle of everything.

So when we decided to check out Franklin's fireworks for the first time, I tried to make sure we were going to be where the action was.  Apparently the fireworks are set off from behind Franklin High School, and some internet research pointed towards Harlinsdale park as the spot to watch the festivities.  A city park in Franklin sounded like a good place to watch fireworks to me.

Imagine my shock when we pull into a gravel road on a farm.  Next imagine my horror when I open my door and step out into grass so tall it swallows my ankles.  So this is Franklin's idea of a park, is it? 
What's crazy to me is that cars were pouring in by the dozens to line up in rows, with parking attendants organizing the whole thing.  We might have come here by mistake, but there were plenty of other people who knew what they were getting into and came here on purpose!  Where was the park?  We were in a cow pasture!  Where were the playground and the manicured lawns?  Off in the distance was a barn with a silo, and right above it, we overheard, was where the fireworks would be.  So now I'm in a field, and not anywhere close to where the fireworks would be!  Sorry, but part of the thrill of fireworks is the loud booms.  We were so far off that I might as well have stayed at home and watched them through the trees.

Thankfully we brought plenty of bug spray, so we loaded up.  Good thing too, because there were flying insects swarming, and the second I started to spread out Clifford, the Big Red Blanket, I saw a ginormous spider scurrying through the grass with a bulbous egg sack on its back.  Minutes later I caught sight of another spider on Clifford.  That was enough to give me the heeby jeebies, and I was done with the cow pasture!  I was wearing flip flops, and I wanted nothing to do with the creatures lurking in that tall grass.  Mom feels the same way I do about the country, so we made the best of it, and climbed into the safety of the back of the SUV to watch the fireworks.
 They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well this picture says exactly what I was feeling.
 I was also misinformed that the fireworks would have coordinating music on one of the local a.m. channels.  This too, turned out to be wrong information.  I guess I'm spoiled by Nashville's fireworks that draws a hundred thousand people, has live music, and are shot off right downtown on the river.  It's one of the top ten fireworks displays in the nation.  And instead, I'm in a cow pasture watching explosions so far off in the distance over a barn, that I could clap my hands and make more noise than the these fireworks.  I think we're not in Nashville anymore, Toto.
 The fireworks lasted about a half an hour, and Bradley enjoyed them.  He kept calling the multi-colored ones, "the Christmas tree ones," and this he repeated over and over.  I watched the flying bugs out of the corner of my eye to make sure none of them invaded our vehicle.  I just could not relax!
I thought Bradley's running commentary was so amusing that I took some video footage of the fireworks with him chattering in the background. 
If you want to park in a field, and watch the fireworks in near silence, hop in your cars and be home in ten minutes, then the Franklin fireworks are for you.  Not me though.  I want lots of people, and deafening explosions among the backdrop of the River, the Titans stadium, and the downtown skyline.  I want my neck to ache from craning it upwards, and I want fallen ash to float down on me.  I want to hear the Nashville Symphony play the Stars & Stripes forever while the booms and bright lights fill the sky.  You can put the city girl in the country, but you can't put the country in the city girl.  Next year, I'll fight the crowds in Nashville, thankyouverymuch. 

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MamaB said...

Well I'm not fighting the Nashville crowds for fireworks but I will find a better place to watch that doesn't have knee high grass!!