Friday, July 15, 2011

Thirty, Flirty & Thriving

A couple of my favorite gal pals turned 30 this past spring, and they also happen to be some of the best party planners I know.  These fabulous ladies threw themselves the most amazing 30th birthday parties, and I'm just glad I got to celebrate with them, especially considering I was vomiting with food poisoning on the night I was supposed to celebrate my 30th 21st birthday!

Miss Mary Anna Brown, aka Queen MAB turned 30 on April 12th.  That weekend, she hosted a group of friends by booking us a hotel suite in Midtown.  We noshed on appetizers and wine while we got all dolled up, and then had an excellent dinner at Sunset Grille.  After dinner we frequented a few bars including the Tavern, and Broadway Brewhouse  (mmmm, Bushwackers!).  If only the tattoo parlor had been open just a wee bit later, someone might have got a new piercing that night!  It was funny trying to explain to the cabbie who took us home why we were from Nashville but staying in a hotel.  He was a different ethnic background, and so I feel some of it was just lost in translation!  You would think that was the end of the night, but wait, there's more!  Our hostess with the mostess thought of everything.  We put on our jammies, and MA opened her gifts, then we capped off the evening with champagne and cupcakes. 
the birthday celebrating night-owls
Former roommate Stephanie turned 30 on May 21st.  Steph planned a spectacular visit to Nashvegas to celebrate her big birthday.  She came into town on a Friday afternoon where she picked me up, and we drove south to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee to spend the night with Argo.  I made Steph an awesome mix cd, titled "Steph & Da:  the UK years" with all of our favorite songs from college, so we jammed to that with the convertible top down on our drive.  I was fascinated to learn that the horrible cicadas that plagued Middle Tennessee at this time did not inhabit Lawrenceburg, and so we were able to enjoy a festive cookout at the house that night with several new friends. 

A funny street sign in Lawrenceburg- the corner of First and First
The Nexus of the Universe (you fellow Seinfeld fans will love this.)

Me, Steph & Argo with our "mascot," Dozier
On Saturday we drove downtown to yet another Nashville hotel to celebrate Steph's birthday. Likewise, this birthday hostess provided beverages for us to sip as we got dressed and ready before the limo picked us up. That's right, a limo. We had champagne during our ride around Nashville until it was time to make our dinner reservation at Sambuca. 
Here's to being "thirty, flirty, & thriving"
 "29 Until Further Notice"
Steph had these amazing cocktail napkins for us
One of the funniest things I thought about our dinner at Sambuca was that every single one of us ordered a pizza (except for Steph who got some kind of sea bass- not the mutated kind, though).  I wondered why we bothered to go to a swanky restaurant if all we wanted was pizza!  The live band sang happy birthday to Steph, and we obligingly sang along, much to the dissatisfaction of the other diners, I'm sure.
The former Sugar Shack Girls reunite
After dinner, we hit The Big Bang piano bar, and then Paradise Park on the LoBro strip.  (I love how two different weekends going out in Nashville can be two totally different scenes.)  As much fun as the evening was, I was ready to call it a night, and ready to see my little guy the next day.

These two ladies are as smart and witty as they come.  I guess that's why they were wise to befriend yours truly.  We sassy ladies tend to move in packs, you know.  MA and Steph are each well-versed in planning spectacular shindigs, and so I am thankful to have taken part in two amazing weekends celebrating their fabulosity.


Stephanie said...

You crack me up! So glad you could partake in the festivities! Please tell me that you know my birthday is on May 24th (and not the 21st) as your blog stated!?!
P.S. The sea bass was stellar.

Mary Anna said...

I think I just had a deja vu from my birthday in April...and another deja vu from the your blog post about my birthday in April. ;)

Amanda Bradley said...

OMG, MA! I guess I wasn't as behind on blogging as I thought I was!! ha ha That is a first- double dipping on the blog topics. You should feel honored it was because of you, and your b-day. Too Funny.

And Steph, I am running on very little sleep these days. Sorry about the typo. Of Course I know your birthday is the 24th. Really...