Sunday, July 31, 2011

Locust invasion

What better way to suffer through the summer heat than to sit by the pool?  So that's what we did last weekend up in Indiana with the Huber/Harris clan.  My papa Huber used to say fondly curmudgeonly that the locusts were invading (aka in swarms) whenever our whole family would converge upon his house.  My cousin Ryan's fiance Whitney's shower was on Sunday, so on Saturday, the "locusts" headed north, and we took advantage of Lisa's pool.

While on the car ride up, Buzz Lightyear decided to break it down for us:

We stopped in Hawesville, Kentucky to see Russell, Vicky, and their 2 guinea pigs, Bert & Ernie before crossing over into Indiana.  We also raided Russell's garden and came home with some fresh veggies.  Russell made the joke that it was a good thing he'd worn his "good" wife beater for the picture! 
I had my heart set on a relaxing day by the pool, but with Bradley's new found enthusiasm for the water, he didn't so much want to stay in the shallow end of the pool!  It didn't help that he was watching his older cousins run and jump off the diving board, either.  Can you believe this is the same kid who wouldn't let me turn the sprinklers on the slip-and-slide on at the beginning of this summer?!
The gang:  Michael, Mom, and Lisa
 The Huber-Harris-Bradleys
 Thanks, Michael-Missy for bringing that ginormous container of cheese balls!  B really loved them.
 Jerry doing the famous "Harold Malone" dance
 Bradley with Addison, Braedon, & Garrick
Whitney's shower was held at the K of C on Sunday, and it was such a success that we had to leave and head back to Tennessee before she even opened her presents.  This weekend was somewhat of a challenge for me since I had just started my vegetarian diet.  Sunday, we made a Tasty Freeze run for lunch- a local burger joint up there, and I had to politely decline, even though a hamburger was sounding really good.  At the shower I almost reached for one of the meatballs that Lisa had made, but then I remembered my new eating regimen, and had to pass them up.  It's not that I will stick with the veggie diet forever perhaps, but I couldn't cheat once or twice on the first week and really say I was committed to trying this.  

 "Knights of Columbus, that hurt!"
While the girls went to the shower, the guys took the kids to see the fire trucks since my cousins and uncle are on the volunteer fire department.  I don't have the pictures for this venture yet (ahem, Michael!) but I can confirm that the loud noises startled Bradley and he cried!  Oh well.

My favorite quote of the weekend came from my cousin Garrick.  Another sibling told on him for having my aunt's iPhone. 
"But I wanted to play Angry Birds," he whined. 
"Well you know better- you're supposed to ask before you take my phone."  His response? 
"But you always say no!"  Made sense to me!

We had a great weekend.  Good times were had.  Jerry sent us home with a stockpile of veggies from his garden too (it was a great week to turn vegetarian with all the free fresh produce I was given!) And the wedding is just a month away- now all I have to do is find some wedding music to sing!


Katie said...

Oh my gosh! He cracks me up! Talk about unexpected... I love it! Bradley is such a doll!

MamaB said...

We always have such a good time at the Harris Resort and we actually did hear some locust in the tree by the pool. Dad would have gotten a kick out of that!