Monday, July 04, 2011

3 year stats

Now that Bradley's been three for almost a month, I figured it was time to catch up and post on his 3 year check-up!  We LOVE our pediatrician Dr. Gordon Davis, and Nurse Karen.  And it seems we have been there enough that when they call Bradley's name to go back, he runs down the hall and gets on the scale without being asked!  He also has favorite books in the doctor waiting room.  So here are the 3 year stats and an update on Bradley:
  • All tests run were normal
  • No shots needed at this check-up
  • Strep test was negative (I asked them to do a re-check on this because I thought Bradley might be a carrier for strep since he's had it several times this year- negative result means he's not a carrier)
  • Weight:  34.5 pounds (78% percentile)
  • Height 36.8 inches (34% percentile)- hence we have a short, stocky boy
  • Dr. Davis always marvels at how socially advanced Bradley is, and told me that he will be the kind of kid to make friends easily and be a natural leader- what parent doesn't love to hear this?
  • Not to worry about the picky eating, but continue to give him a daily multi-vitamin
  • Praise him for the successful pottying attempts and give him small rewards, and not to criticize the accidents or failed attempts
  • Not to worry about the short attention span or the temper-tantrums
  • Favorite foods at 3 years:  cinnamon raisin toast, chicken fingers, yougurt, turkey, goldfish, ice cream sandwiches, suckers
  • Least favorite food:  any vegetable
  • Favorite show to watch on TV:  Tom & Jerry
  • Favorite movie:  Sleeping Beauty
  • Favorite books:  Goldilocks & the Three Bears, Buzby the Misbehavin' Bee, the volcano chapter of a book on animals and nature.
  • Favorite toy:  None.  He likes to be entertained, and play chase, although he will throw a football, kick a soccer ball back and forth, or hit a baseball for a few precious minutes before moving on to his next activity
I have heard other parents say that behavior-wise, three is worse than two so we are bracing ourselves, but I am happy to report that Bradley is now potty trained!   Praise the Lord, I do not have to buy another box of diapers ever again!  Instead, he got to pick out some new big boy undies this week- he could choose between Cars and Superheros, so he chose the Superheros.

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