Wednesday, July 06, 2011

BTM: The Beach

Aside from the ho-hum post on our beach trip, with all the gorgeous ocean shots, and pictures of yours truly as a bronzed beach goddess, and a rundown of our food, here's the stuff that's truly entertaining and blogworthy!

The frozen drink selection at Bamboo Willies:
Steph and I chose the Williewacker.  It was a lot more fun to say and order than to drink.  The frozen concoction  was very average.
Outside of our namesake store, Sandy Bottoms, there were these great stand-ups for picture taking.  Here, Laura and I ride the dolphins...
and Steph does her best Daryl Hannah impression!
On our way to and from Pensacola Beach we drove through part of the National Seashore- an area of the beach dedicated to preserving the natural wildlife.  There was a 15 mph speed limit enforced during one stretch of the road to protect the nesting shorebirds.  We followed a car on our way home one night that must have really cared about those shorebirds because he was going way too slow.  Fr some reason the shorebirds popped up in all sorts of conversations this week.  You'd be surprised to discover just how relevant those nesting shorebirds can be to all things beachy.

Now here's real sisterly love right there.  Laura's rear end and thighs were burned, and I volunteered to rub aloe on for her.  If you're thinking this picture just "ain't right," you should have seen the angle of the other 2 shots Steph took because they were far less appropriate than this!
Blue Steele makes an appearance.  I mustered up my best model face to try on a hair bow that Steph eventually bought to wear to a horse racing event she's attending.
A photo in our condo of the owners- or at least one of them. 
I'm not sure who the lady is with our condo owner.
The street names on Navarre beach are named after states, and they're in alphabetical order.  It makes finding your street a piece of cake, unless, of course, you can't remember the alphabet.  We had some kind of discrepancy like this, which prompted Stephanie to ask aloud if we knew the song "Fifty Nifty."  Did we know it?  Please!  Laura and I proceeded to sing the tune in its entirety, which made for an amusing ride home.

The Sandy Bottom Girls and the beach monkey
A drink on the menu at the Beach Monkey Grill- I have a feeling this was supposed to be a "rajun cajun" martini.  I noticed just now too that "pepper" is misspelled as well.  I would be willing to bet this restaurant won't be in business long.  Any place who's that careless with their menu has got bigger fish to fry.  Pun intended.
Speaking of fish, our server that night, Brandon, admitted to us that he just found out that tuna is actually a kind of fish.  Is Jessica Simpson still single?  Because if so, I think we've found her soul mate!

 UK Alums pose with a picture of their flag at Helenbacks
 Having fun at the Navarre Pier
Look what we caught!
Pier Rat
Since we didn't end up fishing, Stephanie asked a fisherman who was finishing up his lunch if she could take a picture holding his fishing pole.  Forgive me, but the innuendos of Steph getting to hold a black man's rod that day were too much!
Strange decor at the East Bay Crab House.  What is it about Santa Claus that says seafood to you?
Or how about cheap looking picture of Jesus?  Doesn't this image make you want to eat crab legs?
A photo from our cheesy beach photo session- "look over there," we seem to be saying.
We printed off a good picture of Laura and me, and then scoured a few souvenir shops searching for a classy beach frame... at least that's what I wanted.  Laura, on the other hand, found a frame of a shark, with its jaws open.  In the shark's open mouth was the opening for the picture.  I had found a frame covered in sea shells.  Since it was just the 2 of us, and we both had our own ideas of what our dad would appreciate more, I suggested we settle our frame debate rock-paper-scissor style.  Best 2 out of 3.  It came down to the last round.  A shark frame now adorns our dad's dresser.

Our condo included these two prints of Hurricanes Dennis and Ivan.  "Hurricane Bradley" could not have been more ecstatic.  There was even a dvd of a local new channel's footage of Hurricane Ivan.  I might have actually made Laura watch the dvd with me. 
The condo was decorated in a martini theme.  Laura takes a sip from the martini lamp.
The Pumper coozie makes an appearance on the beach!
One night Stephanie decided on a whim that 888 were her lucky numbers, and so we rushed into the gas station to buy a lottery ticket.  The gas station attendant thought we were crazy, and flirted with Steph.  For some reason, Florida doesn't have a "pick 3" so Steph settled instead for a scratch off one, and a Powerball ticket.  I am still waiting for my third of her winnings. 
What did we crazy girls get into down in Florida?  We played rousing games of Old Maid and Uno!  It had been so long since any of us had played Old Maid that we actually had to read the directions on how to play first.  This particular deck of cards had characters on each card.  We were each dubbed to represent one of the characters.  I was Birdwatcher Beulah.  Don't ask me why.  Stephanie was Minnie Bucks, because she was looking to strike it rich from her lottery winnings.  Laura wound up with the Old Maid, which was ironic since she was the only married one of the three of us, and she's the youngest!
And finally, I present to you as promised, drunk old people dancing.  If my camera battery hadn't been dying, I would have filmed longer, but as it is, this 48 seconds is worth your time.

So those are some of the fun and funny moments of the trip.  I am finally done with the beach blogs!

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