Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Worship Wednesdays: Making a joyful noise

Tonight I made a joyful noise unto the Lord, and it felt great!
After a long hiatus, I am back singing in the Worship Choir at Brentwood Baptist Church. Singing does wonders for my soul, and I'm so happy to be leading worship again, and so thankful for the relationships I know I will begin (and pick up where they left off) through this ministry. My heart aches every Sunday, even after all these months of being back in Tennessee. The praise and worship time during Sunday morning service covers the gamut of emotions for me. I cry almost weekly. Either a song proclaims that same brokenness and need for the Lord that I am experiencing, and I weep silently while I sing the words that ring true for me. Or perhaps it's a joyous hymn, and I am so grateful at what God has done for me, that I weep tears of joy. Or the saddest one, we will sing a chorus that we used to do at Midway Baptist, my church home in Florida, and I will weep, grieving for the life that I have lost.

Music is one of the strongest way I personally commune with God, and so I finally feel that I am ready to take that next step towards healing from the divorce, and sing from the choir loft once again. You'll be able to spot me from where you sit- I'll be the one wiping my eyes in between the songs! Or maybe not. Maybe I will be the one grinning from ear to ear because the Lord has healed me of any pain and sadness! Whatever it is, I am so glad to be using the gifts that God has given me and making a joyful noise for HIM. And he will heal me and use me for his Glory in his way and time. My job is just to follow... and to sing!


Emily said...

So glad you're getting back up there!!

Sarah said...

This makes me so happy. :) Hooray for a renewed spirit of worship.

Love you! Extra lots.