Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring cleaning

So I decided I would do a little spring cleaning to start out the long weekend and get that behind me so I can enjoy my days off.  I got the bathroom spic and span, and even hauled the Clorox mop up the stairs.  Give me a regular sponge mop any day.  The roommates don't know it yet, but I apparently pressed down too hard on the mop and cracked the handle.  How the heck are you supposed to get floors clean if you can't put some weight into it?

While I was on my cleaning streak (yes, it's considered a streak for me to get the bathroom wiped down, floors swept and mopped, and cleaned the mirrors all in one fell swoop), I decided to do a little more cleaning- this time on Facebook.

We are all guilty of having way too many "friends" on there.  I don't know my exact number, but it was around 400.  Just like phone numbers stored in my cell phone, it was hard to let some of you go, because, what if, just what if, I need to talk to you?  And then how embarrassing would it be to have to re-friend request you?  That darn Facebook, I don't why it keeps "deleting" my friends... we've all heard it before.  Usually I'm on the receiving end of that comment because I'm too much of a pack rat to purge the people I will never ever talk to.  But tonight I scrolled through the alphabet once, and unfriended the people I truly don't have a need to stay in touch with.  I may have only eliminated 20 or so, but it felt good to get that number down a little bit.

Now if only the number on the scale would move down that much too!

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