Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day Revelation

It's like a light bulb went off today.  Something I head my mom telling me for years finally clicked.  I went to pick up Bradley from his classroom at church this morning, and outside in the hallway was a little flower pot with his name, and his finger print flower designs on it.  Once inside the room, I was presented with a homemade card, too.  My heart melted.  This, I thought, was all I wanted for Mother's Day; a homemade gift, not anything of monetary value, nothing that came from a store, but something personal from Bradley to me, something representative of his age and stage of life;  that's what I wanted for Mother's Day, only I didn't know it til now, and now my day is complete.

Suddenly I made a mental check list of what Laura and I had gotten for mom this year, and scanned back through the memories of past Mother's days when we were kids and would make mom crafts, or cards, or coupon books.  This year's gifts seemed trivial.  I asked my mom, suddenly understanding.  You'd rather have homemade gifts every year wouldn't you?  It was more a statement than a question, because at long last, being a mother myself, I finally understood.  With her affirmative answer, I realized I will probably never outgrow that simple desire of preferring a homemade gift to a bought one.  It doesn't matter how old Bradley gets. 

It's kind of like going out to eat when you're a kid and watching as the adults fight over who gets to pay the bill.  You think to yourself, when I grow up, I'm never going to argue about that.  If someone else wants to pay the bill, I'll let them!  But then you grow up and your perspective changes.  So now I really, really get it.  The best gifts aren't ones that cost a lot of money; they aren't even items hand-picked by you and put on a wish list; they are ones handcrafted with love, and time, and all that is one of a kind and personal.

So for this year, sorry mom, but I promise I'll do better next year!

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