Friday, July 23, 2010

Take B out to the ballgame

Last Saturday we took Bradley to his first baseball game: the Nashville Sounds vs. the Omaha Royals.  It was really hot & humid, but we braved the heat throughout the game so we could stay for the fireworks after the game.  Amazingly, Bradley made it through the whole event.  It helped that we constantly had food & drink to distract B.  Anyone who knows my family knows we love to eat.  Here's a list of all we ate between the 6 of us to occupy Bradley throughout the game:  hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, pizza, coke, beer, pretzels, ice cream, icee, slushee, peanuts... am I forgetting anything??
Here's Bradley cheering for the Sounds!
Bradley went from lap to lap as he got restless- here's B with uncle George
...and enjoying a slushee with Grandma B
Bradley & I after the game- the Sounds won!

Mr. & Mrs. Murdoch- this captures them perfectly I think!
Mama & Daddy B
The final scoreboard- Sounds win!
mom & dad with Bradley- after the game and waiting for the fireworks

For the fireworks I sat Bradley in my lap and wasn't sure what to expect.  He slept through fireworks this year so it had been a while since he had seen any.  I warned him that they would be loud but pretty, and to look up in the sky.  My little man sat perfectly still on my lap, covered his own ears and kept his hands there the entire time while he watched the fireworks pensively.  It was not one of 2 reactions I thought we'd get- animatedly-excited or scared.  He seemed fine when they were over, and has been talking about them for days. 

On one of Bradley's walks through the stadium, Dad bought Bradley a soft Sounds baseball, and so far B has slept with it every night.  he was so excited to have it the first night, that the next night I was shocked when I put Bradley to bed and upon walking out of his room, he started crying "My baseball!  My baseball!"  Down I went to locate the ball and delivered it to my wailing son.  After that he was fine.  Some kids are attatched to stuffed animals, my child is attatched to a ball.  Go figure.


Anna W. said...

LOL, I love your wording. . . so does that mean you used beer to occupy Bradley? :)

MamaB said...

I never dreamed that Little B would make it through the whole ballgame and fireworks but he was a little trouper and even knows the words to "take me out to the ballgame"!!! We had a great time.