Wednesday, July 21, 2010

He doesn't like to potty.

Call me a naive first time parent, but I thought that once my son decided to use his potty that from now on he'd be eager to try, and motivated by his sticker reward chart.  How silly of me.  I guess that's why it's referred to as potty training... as in to take a long time to teach and correct and rebuke after many many tries, and other words pertaining to training.

As it stands now, Bradley went on his potty twice- once on Sunday night, once on Monday, and ever since you'd think I was offering to torture him when I ask him if he'd like to try and go on his big boy potty!  This I was not expecting.  Sure, I figured we'd try and have many false attempts, but this disdain, nay, rather this hatred for the potty, I do not understand.  Guess we're in for the long haul as far as potty training goes, as it's very difficult to sucessfully go on the potty when one will not even sit on the potty to begin with.

One amusing thing that Bradley has suddenly picked up is referring to himself as "he."  When once it was "Bradley wants fruit snacks," now we're hearing "He wants pancakes."  To which I usually respond, "oh he does, does he?"  It's funny to listen to him exploring with pronouns.

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Natrudy said...

Bradley is so sophisticated and mysterious with the use of the "he" pronouns. I love it. :)