Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An event-full July

Since it's nearing the end of the month, I figured it was time to post something about how our life here in Tennessee is going. I'll say this, we're adjusting slowly. I've joined an all women's class at church and am being fed spiritually.  I joined the Y and am doing yoga and spin classes twice a week each, and that satisfies me physically.  Bradley gets to go the nursery at the Y and play with other kids, and he goes to the nursery at church, so he's being nurtured socially.  Mom and Laura cook often which feeds my belly, and we have ice cream often and laugh a lot which feeds my soul.

Here's B showing off his Stinky Feet!
A new favorite game- riding the horsey
And this one's right after a small glass of buttermilk, which he and dad enjoy from time to time.  I love his buttermilk mustasche!

Trying to beat the extreme heat & humidity, I decided to bust out the slip and slide that he got for his birthday.  Notice the progression of pictures.  I tried demonstrating how much fun this was.  Bradley wasn't buying it.
One of the reasons I love Nashville:  great music anywhere, any time.  This is Laura & I down at Musician's Corner in Centennial park downtown.  They have free music with great local artists every Saturday from 3-6pm.  We heard MPJ play a short set this day.

 For some reason the mosquitos LOVE Bradley.  Earlier this month we had to pay a visit to the pediarician to get some extra strength medicine to combat his bug bites.  We have now learned to douse him with bug spray before playing outside, no matter what time of day it is, and to avoid being outside during the dusk hours since that's when the bugs are the worst.  Unfortuntely, that means we have to get creative with how often we play outside, so we play baseball inside the house with a soft squishy ball.
While going through boxes in the attic, mom stumbled across some old college shirts.  Of course I made them try them on for posterity!
A great new place opened in Cool Springs called Peek-A-Boo Playtown, so I met a friend of mine from high school over there.  Rachel's son Mason is about a month younger than Bradley, and though we've kept in touch via Facebook and Blogs, our sons had never met.  The boys mostly ran around and played with different things, but we caught a few precious moments of the two of them together playing in the ball pit.
Outside is the little blue chair dubbed as Bradley's Peanut Chair. 
He sits out there on the back deck and eats peanuts with Grandpa B. 
A self portrait of Bradley and me.  I tried really hard to get him to sit in his peanut chair for this picture, but being a two year old, he didn't want to cooperate.  Most things are a battle these days, but I know we'll get through it.  I am full of a lot of things right now.  Food, ice cream, and the other things mentioned above, but I am also full of hope, and full of the Holy Spirit, so I can sit back and enjoy the meal I've tasted, and be pleasantly full.


Rachel said...

I loved the pictures of our cute boys playing together. We didn't make it back there either today. I got a two and a half hour nap out of Mason. Lucky Me! See you soon!

-Beth- said...

love your outlook on life right now & love you! woke up thinking and praying for ya today. let's talk soon!