Friday, July 09, 2010

2 in June

Our good friend Joe just did a photo shoot with us for Bradley's 2 year pictures on Tuesday.  He worked super-fast and got me a slideshow on Wednesday, and now I've put together a short sampling for you...okay, and me, because I can never look at too many pictures of Bradley!  :) 

Some 2 year old stats:
  • weight is 30 pounds, 74th percentile
  • length is 33 3/4 inches, 30th percentile
  • His response when you ask most any question is a resigned, "Okayyyy"
  • Sleeping in a big boy bed for several weeks now
  • Can throw and catch a ball well, & has hit the ball with a bat a few times, kicks a soccer ball well
  • jumps with both feet
  • walks up and down stairs
  • People who know these things tell me he talks a lot for a kid his age.  I have no clue about that, I'm just glad we can have conversations now!
  • Sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, the ABC's, You Are My Sunshine, & various Mary Poppins tunes
  • Likes Sesame Street, Elmo, & Mary Poppins
  • Does NOT like having his diaper changed
  • And no, we're far from being potty trained.  He has zero interest in the big boy potty.
  • When asked how old he is, his response is "2 in June."  (Thanks, Grandma Ann for teaching him that!)

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Anna W. said...

His hair looks SO red in some of the pictures! What a cutie. I miss you!