Saturday, October 10, 2009

First 5K

This morning was my first ever 5K, and I accomplished my goal- to run the entire race without stopping! My friends/neighbors Kim and Jessica and I ran it together, and we even had our own jody to sing as we ran:

Everywhere we go
people wanna know
who we are
so we tell them
we are the mamas
the hot hot mamas

That was Jess' idea, but you know me, I love anything cheesy and attention-getting! We don't have the official results, but I know we all three finished in under 35 minutes. Not bad for girls who were running 5 minute intervals just 2 months ago!! Kim could have run circles around us but she stayed with us til the end when she sprinted ahead, and Jess actually won first place for her age group after spinning for 3 hours last night for a benefit for a cancer patient!! These are 2 amazing women, and I'm so thankful to have them in my life. They are great motivators, running partners, and friends.


Natrudy said...

FRR Congrats! This is awesome! 5K now, marathon later!!

Brian Vilendrer said...

congrats on the run ladies...but especially you honey. awesome job! Oh and may I say how HOT you look. both temperature and physically;) Love you

emmysue said...

Congrats! Boulevard Bolt, here you come!!

Sarah said...

Congrats!! This is awesome - and you look fantastic. One hot mama, indeed. xoxo