Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Retail rant

Recently my world has been turned upside down, and I am striving to find ways to cope with the difficulties this problem brings. I literally don't know which way to turn some days, and finding my path is near-impossible. A once-menial task is now an overwhelming chore, and my patience is wearing thin. What has taken the sparkle out of this DIVA? Yes, you guessed it. Our neighborhood Walmart is remodeling!!

(Seriously people, what did you think I was talking about??)

For weeks now, our Walmart has been renovating. After one week in Tennessee back in August I returned ye olde trusty walmart, and immediately noticed something was different. (Warning flags should be popping up for anyone who knows me well, because I am about the least observant person on the planet!) As I stared at the produce wall, I realized it had been repainted a bright obnoxious yellow. This just proves that I spend way too much time in this store.

Well the painting was just beginning. Now they're redoing the grocery aisles, and you'd be hard pressed to find a quicker form of torture for shoppers out there, I'd wager. Nothing is where it used to be, and some items have disappeared completely (Kim complained that Walmart supposedly isn't going to be carrying kids' tv dinners anymore. I told her maybe this was God's way of telling her she shouldn't be feeding her kids tv dinners). Even the items you know are there, have gone into hiding, and no one, not even the Walmart employees, knows where they have gone. Case in point, the special Halloween Count Chocula cereal that I know I saw on an end cap just a few days ago? Vanished. I spent more than enough time going up and down aisles with Bradley today on a hunt for the breakfast specialty item, but when B's snacks were running low in his cup, I gave up my quest and headed to the cash registers. At least those haven't moved.

But of course not. The evil conspirators of Walmart want you to know where to pay for your items, but not how to get in and out quickly. The way they've arranged the store now leads you through a wild goose chase of both parallel and perpendicular aisles, so that you are forced to weave through the maze of merchandise, and undoubtedly spend more time in the store, and find more things you forgot you needed until you saw them.

Oh Walmart, how I loathe thee!


MamaB said...

The evil Walmart people know exactly what they are doing. Don't feel so badly, Publix remodeled as well and I am totally lost. Give me a couple of weeks though, and everything will be OK again. The same goes for your lovely Walmart! Next time, pack more snacks in Little B's cup though!! Love you.

The Wabeke's said...

Walmart is the root of all evil! How dare they!!!