Sunday, October 04, 2009

Surprise trip!

Never one to make spur of the moment plans, I surprised myself even, when Laura called me on Thursday and suggested I come up to Tennessee for the weekend and surprise my parents.  Planned spontaneity is more how I roll, but upon quickly realizing that this would be my best shot at visiting again before Brian gets back, I jumped at the opportunity to pull off the greatest shock ever for Grandma & Grandpa B.  Due to a slight snag with a late afternoon meeting that my sister had to persuade my parents to bump up so they'd be home, mom and dad weren't completely taken by our showing up on their doorstep, but that didn't stop them
 from meeting us in the driveway with smiles and tears on Friday afternoon.  It was a great feeling to make their day by showing up unannounced.

Friday night we dined at Blue Coast burrito and then headed to RHS for some Ravenwood football.  Here are three of the Raptors' biggest fans!

Bradley was sure interested in Grandpa B's cheeseburger, and had to sample the football fare himself.

Cheering for the Raptors

Bundled up baby:  Bradley didn't even make it to halftime!  Guess he was all tuckered out from the driving.  PS, in keeping with the theme of crappy football seasons, RHS lost Friday night to Franklin.  :(

Saturday the gorgeous fall weather (yes, you read correctly- I used those two words in the same sentence, Mary Anna) lent itself well to a trip to Gentry's Pumpkin Farm in Franklin.  It hearkened back to the days when me and the girls came out here, and posed behind corn stalks for one of my favorite friends-pictures ever.  I was disappointed that there were no sunflowers for picking this time, but I was shocked (in a good way) to see how much cheaper it was to purchase pumpkins here, from the source, rather than the grocery store!  Finally, it pays to buy locally and think globally!    

Bradley enjoyed Gentry's because anything bright and round is a ball to him right now, and therefore the object of his fascination.  We picked out a nice pumpkin to take home to Florida with us, and Laura found several things to decorate her new place.  

Pa-in-law with Son-in-law, relaxing Saturday night

Bradley helps uncle George on the computer.  (Today he deleted several of dad's emails... you have to watch him near keyboards these days!)

Sunday after church we went out to Laura & George's new place in Spring Hill.  We had chili and rotel while we watched the Titans lose (again) and then we helped Laura unpack and organize some of the residual boxes leftover from the move.  I love projects like that, and tackled her kitchen cabinets with glee, rearranging as I saw fit.

Bradley and Julius are seen here examining the doggie door together.

We've had a great weekend (minus all the football) and I am so glad I took Laura's advice and came up when I did.  The next time I'll be up, Brian will be with me, and we'll all be eating turkey.

Until then, au revoire fall!  It's back to 80 degree sunny fall days for me!


Bethany said...

Hey, where in Spring Hill are Laura and George living?

MamaB said...

It was a very fun weekend and I was beside myself when daddy said to me "we have visitors" and I ran out and there you two were!!! It was the best surprise and I love you for making the spontaneous trip because you are your mother's daughter, and spontaneous anything isn't OUR thing!!