Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooky sentiments

This was technically Bradley's 2nd Halloween, but it was his first to dress up and go trick or treating. Two thoughts crossed my mind tonight (well, two among many, but two that were "things that make you go hmmmm" thoughts anyways):

  1. I never knew how much more fun Halloween could be when you have kids and get to watch them dress up and get candy.
  2. It never occurred to me as being weird before to knock on strangers' doors, take free candy from them, and leave, until tonight.
This is what I like to call the Money shot of the night- Bradley in his elephant costume before going trick or treating. At the end of the night, he looked so cute in his costume that he went to bed a whole hour late because I couldn't bear to take it off him!

Here's all of us in our costumes. Brian and I are zookeepers/elephant hunters- Take your pick.

Bradley with Grandma Anna. She stayed at our house and passed out candy to all the trick or treaters.So easy, it's like giving candy to a baby... at least, I think that's the way the phrase goes...
Here's Daddy and Bradley walking up to a house to get candy. Bradley has learned how to knock, so he helped us out there. A couple of times he tried to go in the house once the door opened. I suppose he hasn't really gotten the concept of trick or treating yet! One older man answered the door and thought Bradley was a bunny. I promptly showed him Bradley's trunk and explained that he was clearly an elephant.
See our appropos tropical setting? Gotta love Florida. It was cool tonight- in the 50s- so it felt like fall, but it wasn't bitterly cold the way I remember some TN Halloweens being.
The whole time we were trick or treating it never occured to Bradley that the loot he was gathering was actually edible. He picked out the candy and dropped it in his bucket never bothering to pay attention to what it was, so I opened up a package of mini m&ms for him once we got home. Here's Bradley with all his candy, and his pumpkin with his name on it, thanks to Grandma & Grandpa B. After the m&ms, he had a whole Reeces cup, a dum dum sucker, and some Smarties. Ann and I both heard Bradley say "smartie" clear as day after I gave him the first one, but he wouldn't say it again. It was so plain that our mouths dropped as we looked at each other!
We Skyped with mom and dad so they could see Bradley in his costume, and I know that made their night. At that point he was eating the Reece cup and "sharing" his sucker with Grandma, holding the dum dum up to the computer screen.

Finally, the Halloween aftermath- with chocolate smeared all over his face, trunk, and sleeve! As soon as he dropped that sucker on the floor and wasn't paying attention, into the trashcan it went! That didn't stop B from peering into the trashcan every now and then though. He's no dum dum! We had so much fun going through the neighborhood that I can't wait til next year when he can go even longer!

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Natrudy said...

Ok I am LOVING the fact that you and Brian dressed up to match the whole theme. LOVE it!!