Sunday, November 23, 2008

Confessions of a Shopaholic, and other weekend tidbits

So, funny story... what you don't see in the pictures below of Bradley in his Bumbo seat is that he is now so big, his legs get stuck in the chair.  I am determined to keep the Chunky Monkey from graduating to his high chair as long as I can, so I continue to feed Bradley in the Bumbo.  When we're done, I pick him up with one arm, and use the other arm to pry his legs out of the seat.  This sounds terrible, but I promise it's not as harsh as it sounds.  However, one day soon you might read a blog about a recent trip to the ER where they have to cut our son out his rubber seat using the Jaws of Life.

Otherwise, our weekend has been uneventful.  We went shopping at the mall in Pensacola yesterday, which will be my first and last trip to the mall with Bradley on a weekend before Christmas.  Overwhelmed is the word that would best describe me trying to push a stubborn-wheeled stroller through tons of people, and trying to occupy a fussy baby every time I stopped to look at anything.  We did have good luck at Target where we purchased several Babies First Christmas items, and upon exiting the store, feeling a strong sense of happiness and satisfaction with my purchases (none of which were for me, mind you) I asked Brian why it was a person feels so happy after buying things.  "It's an addiction like anything else," he said.  I thought about this for a minute and decided there was probably some truth to that, even though I have never considered myself a big shopper.  But apparently I needed a fix bad.  But it's okay... I can quit any time, no big deal.

The Titans lost to the Jets today, but I'm not deterred.  This loss will just spur them on to the Superbowl.  Kentucky didn't play, but I would say our chances of beating UT this year are actually good, so I'm looking forward to that game on Saturday.  Time to hop off here and head to my favorite place in the world (not), Wallyworld!  Just so there's no confusion, that doesn't count towards my new shopping addiction because I loathe Walmart.


MamaB said...

Yes, shopping is an addiction--and I guess I am addicted. That's my excuse for trying to buy Little B lots and lots of sleepers and other cute clothes. So you are helping cure my addiction I guess so I should be thankful.

Rhonda said...

Don't feel bad about Bradley getting wedged in the Bumbo seat. My college friend who has her own little chubster...well his legs never did fit in the Bumbo seat even when he was "small"!

Mary Anna said...

I saw a preview for "Confessions" at the movie theater during Thanksgiving. It looks so cute! I wish you were here to go see it with me!

How was your T-giving?