Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

As our country moves into some hard economic times, and with a newly elected president in what was a very important election for our country, I would just like to pause today to wish you a Happy Veteran's Day.  

Before I married Brian I admit I gave little thought to this government holiday, but now as a military wife, this day has come to mean much more to me, and will continue to mean more to me in the future I'm sure.  I have friends whose husbands are serving and deploying overseas all the time, and I know someday Brian's time to serve overseas again will come too.  It is the service of these men and women, who devote their lives to serving our country that allows us to enjoy the freedoms we have.  They protect not only us Americans, but  others around the world in hopes to bring them these same freedoms.  Thank you Brian, thank you Bart, thank you Wes, Tyler, and the many others in our armed forces.

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Kim & The Gang said...

I'm breaking my ways of being a "silent lurker" as you call me just to comment on your post. Thanks for posting this... I'm so proud of you for being a military wife. Sometimes that's a harder job than being the actual soldier. Bradley has an amazing life ahead of him as a military kid... I know I enjoyed growing up that way and it's given me a sense of patriotism that cannot be felt by those who are not personally connected to someone in the armed forces. Thank your husband everyday for what he does to keep us free. And thanks for doing your part to remind us that it's our American soldiers who make this country so great. I think you're going to make a great military wife and I can't wait to read about your continuing adventures!
~Kim (AKA Ginger Spice) :)