Friday, November 21, 2008

First Feeding Festivities

Last night was our third attempt at feeding Bradley "solid" foods.  I use quotation marks because the term "solid food" for a baby is code for anything that's not mom's milk or formula, as the flaky rice cereal mixed with milk and water is anything but solid.  For more fun with incorrectly used quotation marks check out the blog recently added to my list on the right hand side of the page- thanks for this hilarious find, Rhonda Lu!

The first time Bradley tasted his rice cereal from the baby spoon, it went surprisingly well- most of it went into his mouth, he didn't seem confused about what was going on, and appeared eager to eat.  The second time, not so much!  He made the typical scrunched up face I was expecting the night before, and closed his lips tight, not allowing me to put the spoon anywhere near his tongue!  Last night, after a week relapse (since we've been out of town), we tried again and it went great.  I hope last night's success is met with more of the same tonight.  

First bites!
Here's Bradley wiping his own mouth off with his bib!  
Yep, I'm making the classic "mmm this is good" face.  No complaints from Bradley though!

A full, happy baby

As far as getting him to sleep through the night, that didn't happen, but improvements are being made.


MamaB said...

I love the picture when he is done eating!! He looks very satisfied. And look at that red hair!!! I miss my Little B!

Anonymous said...

awww he keeps getting cuter and cuter!! i am glad i have a red-headed buddy in the family now.