Friday, November 21, 2008

Focused on the Family

Yes, I know, I've got some splainin' to do!  No Wisconsin part two- not yet anyways.  No blog about the 10-0 Titans (but thankfully I didn't jinx them with the other blog!), and no post about Bradley's first venture into the world of solid foods.  I promise, they're all coming, but we've been in and out of town since last Friday.  

One week ago today we found out that Brian's Grandma Cimpher was diagnosed with late stages of cancer.  We dropped everything and made the 3 hour drive east on Hwy 98 (the road that never ends) to see her and Grandpa Cimpher.  The rest of Brian's family did too.  At one time I counted twenty people crammed into the house, and I know not everyone was present when I counted.  She's scheduled for surgery on Monday, so your prayers are appreciated.  Despite the circumstances, it was great to visit with everyone, and meet many of the family members.  Bradley was his usual happy self, passed from lap to lap grinning all the while.

A very happy boy- note his Mommy's Little Turkey bib!
Bradley meeting his 2 month old cousin Kristen

Bradley, Kristen, and Cameron riding the horses in G&G's house
Family photo-op
4 Generations- I love this picture!

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Anonymous said...

I like how Bradley is looking at Brian in the group picture. He's looking at him in all of mine too. Why is he so adorable?! (Bradley, not Brian) -SarahV