Monday, December 01, 2008

We gave Thanks

So here's our much overdue recap of Turkey Day (Thanksgiving, not the country, Ari!).

We spent Bradley's first Thanksgiving in Tallahassee with Ann, Jim, and his son Jesse. We got into town Tuesday night that week and went out to dinner at Applebees. After Bradley got bored being in his car seat, he entertained us on the table. Notice the little guy is sitting up now!
I have to watch him while he plays when he's sitting up still, because more often than not, he topples over! Wednesday we spent a lazy day at the house, and that night Ann and I went to see Twilight. It had been months since I had been to the movies, so I was ecstatic that we were able to go. I will say that going to the movies has been one of the biggest things I miss about my life before Bradley. Twilight was good because I went into the film prepared to be mindlessly entertained, and not expecting an Oscar winner as my friends and family warned me. Jim made stir fry for dinner and we all watched HGTV- there was a Househunters episode where an LA songwriter moved to Nashville, so that made me a little homesick. The house she picked was not my favorite either! We also played Scattergories that night, and I beat Brian by 2 points. I sense a rematch coming soon.

Thanksgiving Day the weather in Tallahassee was beautiful- sunny and in the mid-70s. The guys tossed the football outside and Ann, Bradley, Max (the dog) and I went for a walk. I also watched the Titans beat the pants off the Detroit Lions, so I was a happy girl.
Here's Bradley observing the Turkey being sliced

The food was delicious, and of course you can never eat everything on your plate, yet you fill up on the first helping. Even though Jim cooked the stuffing for way too long, I thought it tasted yummy, and the fried turkey was a big hit.

Here's me and Mommy's Little Turkey

And here's Brian and Bradley. Notice his "Baby's First Thanksgiving" onesie

Grandma Anna and Bradley

Jesse and Bradley

Blame it on all the travelling we've done lately, or all the carbs I ate and tryptophan in the Turkey, but Bradley and I both crashed on Thanksgiving night and took and hour and a half nap- something I rarely do! We got up Friday morning and headed out after a wonderful visit and a great couple of days. I'm sure I speak for Bradley in saying he had a good first Thanksgiving. Next year will be fun when he can actually eat some of the traditional fare.

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MamaB said...

What a cute little Bradley turkey!!
Counting down the days will I see you all!