Thursday, September 21, 2006

the start of another Greyt Season

They say there's always a right and wrong choice to make. Things are always Black or White. But what about those in-between times? What about the Greys? I myself prefer the Greys and the anatomy of them. That's right people. Grey's Anatomy Season 3 kicks off on abc tonight. Please ignore my awful jokes in lieu of being excited about this tv show tonight. Don't watch it? You should! What could be better than hot doctors and love triangles? Seriously- every person on this show is beautiful. Even the janitors are pretty. And that's what life is all about right? Being pretty and having romantic relationships. Oh- and let's not forget a disposable income, hence the medical professions.

Very little real medical science is applied or even has much to do with any real plot lines on this show. We watch for the juicy gossip and maybe even a small percentage to hear the up-and-coming music they will cross-market and include in the episodes. (I mean seriously- who can't hear the Fray's How to Save a Life or Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars without associating them with Grey's Anatomy?!)

Tune in to your televisions tonight. I'll be tivo-ing it to watch later on. Sorry I have to miss the big Premier (jewelry) party, Laney- we'll talk tomorrow.

Now you have homework. After watching the show tonight I want to hear the opinions of you the reader- which hot MD should Meredith choose? McDreamy or McVet? (Personally I'm ready for them to bring back McSteamy for an episode or two, but he's not one of the choices here)


Mary Anna said...

1) I like your wittyisms. You're my blog muse.

2) No, I will not come to your jewelry party. That's final.

3) We'll miss you tonight.

4) McDreamy. But I say this with reservation, because generally, I'm not a big fan of adultery. I have a feeling though, that Mer will be having her cake and eating it too (translation: McDreamy on weekdays and McVet on weekends).

5) It's like wrasslin'. It ain't real.

Heather said...

I don't watch the show (hey...give me no fuss- i am trying to cut down on the TV shows, I picked up LOST on the deal with myself that I would quit another - not at the expense of Jack Bauer TV of course)... but on any given day what kind of question is that... McDreamy all the way!! I have been a secret stalker of Patrick Dempsey since way back in the day of his 80s movies... Loverboy and Can't Buy Me Love ... oh yeah I brought those oldie but goodies into the mix. I mean who could deny something that yummy looking. Hasn't time treated him well??
So who needs to get addicted to another show when I can just pop in my VHS of Can't Buy Me Love anytime and get a glimpse of a Young McDreamy in the making... Yuuuuuummmmmy!

Sarah said...

My vote is definitely, 100% McDreamy. ~Now and forever~

But I'm with you that McSteamy can come back ANYTIME for a cameo; they showed a few frames of him in the "pre-show" and ...... well, wow. I can't get enough. Maybe there could also be a new Mc-something other to-me. I need my vicarious living to continue to be deliciously exciting. (See how hot and bothered they get me? I can't even speak well.)