Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Shiver me timbers!

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Of all the useless holidays, methinks this may be the most fun one in all the land and seas. Be ye a wee young lass or a lad who’s been ‘round the seven seas on more than one occasion, this holiday is treasure-chest loads of fun for all!

First things first: click HERE to generate your Pirate Name. Just call me Rough-Sailin Hillary for the rest of the day.

Next: Perfect your Pirate vocabulary by throwing in an "Ahoy" or "Avast" wherever appropriate, and for extra measure, a good "ARRRR" every now and then will seal the deal. An eye patch and a parrot never hurt either. Go to This Website for a list of Piratical phrases and even, oh yes, the Top 10 pirate pick-up lines.
Arr, Mateys. Methinks I might be humming "I am a Pirate King for the rest of the day!"


Mary Anna said...

Blind Sandy Smithe's the name, nice to meet you matey!

Anonymous said...

arrrrrrrrrr we gonna do this all day?
~jelly legs anita (ari)

Heather said...

Check 't ou', will ye? I read about this on me mornin' internet news update! What do ye think o' me new name, Rough-Sailin Hillary?

-- Pirate Roberta the Parrotless --

What do ye reckon happend t' me parrot? I sure do like parrots, did ye nab 't? Arr...

Holy Moly this be fun...

MamaB said...

Scowlin' hillary scoggins--a perfect name for my mood today....arrrrrrrrrrr I think I will drink me a grog, play me hornpipe and hang out in the bilge rat because that is where I belongs!Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Pete Mitchell said...

Pirates don't fly
they hardly ever cried
They stole and pillaged
All in the village
And when they were done at dawn
And the loot was all gone
They had to hurry with their jack
Because they had to get back
To that place they had wished they had never gone
Across the mainland to what some call the great beyond
Some call it the land of dreams
All though it isn't what it seems
And even though there is no regret
They wished they could forget
And wished up above
That they had never fell in love
Something happened in that landone night
That prevented a future, and another flight
And after that there was no reason to put up a fight
Because atleast everyone turned out alright
Pirates understand that life
is full of regrets and memory spats
So, as the old saying from the movie goes, "I will see you in the next life, when we are both cats."

jillymae said...

They be callin me Pirate Jen the Hatless, matey! *chuggs some good grog* And you'll be gettin yur grimey hands offa me pirate gold, you bilge rat, or yur likely to end up minus a hand!