Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Still Ridin Dirty

Why can we not escape this song? Correct if I am wrong (and I almost never am) but I do believe that Ridin Dirty just may be the most blogged about song in all of history among our friends here. Allow me to share just one more story about Chamillionaire’s great Hip-Hop anthem.

A friend of mine had a little run in with the Spring Hill cops- nothing major, but I did get his permission to share this story with y’all. As my friend is standing around chatting with the 2 Spring Hill cops, trying to make small talk, my friend says to cop #1, so, how do you like the hours of your job, or something random like that.

Just then, cop # 2’s cell phone rings. And you’ll never guess what his ring tone was? Oh, you all are too smart- of course you have guessed by now that cop #2’s ring tone was Ridin Dirty. (note: According to Wikipedia, this song is the highest selling ring tone of all-time)

My friend said he couldn’t help but laugh at loud at the irony of a cop using this particular song as a ring tone. (Perhaps policemen everywhere are using this song as their ring tones, hence the high number of downloads for this particular tune?) Cop #1 reprimanded the other cop for having his phone on while they were on a call (pun not intended). Apparently my friend has put the two men of service at ease because then cop #1 shares that he wanted to use the Bad Boys song as his ring tone but that he couldn’t find it to download. Ahh, only in Spring Hill my friends.


Bethany Shea Roe said...

How do I not even know what that song is??

jillymae said...

check out this "ridin dirty" video, two guys showin how white they really are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ft1AU5QySs

Mary Anna said...

I've often wondered if the badged pigs enjoy the sentiments of Chamillionaire.

Recently, I caught my self singing the song in my car, while passing the po-po on the street.