Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Toy Story 3rd Birthday Party

This year I didn't do a big party, but invited family and close friends the Reeds over to celebrate Bradley turning 3 years old.  I purchased a couple of decorations from Party City, and used the mantle to display all of Bradley's Toy Story figurines and action figures.  Laura and Mom made us a Mexican fiesta spread of quesadillas, rice, beans, pico de gayo, and fresh guacamole.
The birthday boy enjoyed his dinner.  Andrew & Alesia's little 8 month old Jackson, and he was the best baby!  He sat in the high chair and ate puffs (aka Baby crack) while we stuffed ourselves with Mexican, and then was content to play with the ribbons from Bradley's presents.  I love the picture of Bradley and Ya-ya (Sandy).
For one of his gifts, Bradley was presented with his first baseball glove from Papa

He also got several puzzles since that's one of his favorite things to do right now, as well as a water table, new bedding, a Superman figure, and a Fischer Price Stand and Play race track that's really cute.
Jackson playing with the ribbon
Laura & George got Bradley a set of Toy Story figures that he was very excited about.  (Isn't Lu tres fashionable in her nod to Victoria Beckham with her birthday hat?)
The cake was a point of contention between me and my sister. This one came from Publix. I wanted to make a box mix and decorate it myself, however, I was coerced into buying one.  After tasting the expensive Publix cake, I determined I must have cheap taste because I would rather have Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines any day!  Bradley liked the icing and Buzz & Woody figures on top, so I guess that's all that matters.

Shoveling in the cake and ice cream
I ordered Bradley this adorable shirt on Etsy for his birthday

The party guests (Left to Right):  Tim, Dad, Parker, Sandy, Alesia, George, Mom, Bradley, Me, Jackson, & Laura
Bradley & Papa

Happy Birthday, Bradley!  Here's to celebrating more birthdays to infinity and beyond!

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