Monday, June 27, 2011

7 Days of Snow Cones

Here it is:  our home away from home for 7 days:  Tommy's New Orleans Sno Balls.  Each and every day, Laura, Steph, and I would treat ourselves to a small snow cone- a mere $2 of delightful fruity refreshing goodness in a cup.  First we laid some ground rules:   
  1. We had to go every day
  2. No repeats
  3. Everyone would try each other's, and we'd pick a favorite for the day*
  4. We would take a picture daily that included us and the snow cones- the angles can be tricky when self-photographing as we did each day. 
(*denotes the group's voted on favorite of the day)

Day One:  Laura:  Hawaiian Delight*, Me:  Mojito
Day Two:  Steph: Jungle Juice, Laura:  Pina Colada*, Me: Cherry Limeaid

Day Three:  Me:  pink lemonade*, Steph: lemon lime, Laura: blue & red raspberry

Funny story about Day Three's snow cone adventure.  I looked at the list of flavors and wondered aloud, I "What's with all those saint-flavored drinks?  Saint?  Or is it street?"  Laura answered knowingly, "it's a New Orleans thing."  She was thinking of the New Orleans Saints like I was, and also because our Snow cone vendor had all kinds of Saints and New Orleans paraphernalia on the cart.  Stephanie was our voice of reason when she laid down her trump card:  "Strawberry?!" She said incredulously.  "Man, I can sure tell you guys are sisters."  We laughed and laughed about that one.
The Saint-like drinks:
Day Four:  Laura:  Polynesian Pineapple, Steph:  Grape*, Me:  Coconut

Day Five:  Steph:  Black Cherry, Laura: Tiger's Blood, Me:  Sour Cherry*
(Can you tell Laura was tired of taking pictures by this point?  She was such a good sport!)
Day Six:  Me:  Seaweed*, Laura: Paradise Punch
Day Seven:  Me:  Almond Joy, Laura: Alligator's Blood*
Unfortunately, my Almond Joy flavored one was so nasty I had to throw it out half-uneaten!  I was hesitant to try one of the numerous chocolatey-flavored snow cones, but it was too intriguing not to sample.  I love chocolate, and I love iced lattes and mochas, so this was something I was bound to like, right?  Alas, there is something inherently wrong about chocolate and shaved ice.  It tasted like a chalky Swiss Miss packet over ice!  From now on, I'll be sticking with the fruity flavors.

 Our overall favorite of the week was the Sour Cherry.  I'm sure the girls at Tommy's Sno Balls were sad to see our business go, but we are sure glad to be home.

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