Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Poopy Party

Sorry, we're potty training... it's inevitable that poop is going to the topic of conversation every now and then.

For a long time now (over a year) we've been potty training Bradley.  He has done fairly well going #1 on the potty, but would never, ever attempt to go #2.  So mom bribed him with the promise of a stick horse if he would poop on his potty.  After a while had passed and that bribe didn't seem to be working, I upped the ante.  If you go poop on the potty, I promised, we'll go to Chuck E Cheese.  (We went there for the first and only time months ago with my friend Rachel and her son Mason, and Bradley has talked about it ever since).

Memorial Day weekend was PT boot camp I decided.  I put B in his big boy underwear all day except for diapers at nap time and bedtime, I set my phone alarm, and made him try to go every 30 minutes.  Bradley was not a fan of this method.  However, after this weekend, and wearing underwear at daycare that following week, I am now happy to report that B is wearing his big boy underwear every day now (except for the nap/bed times) and hasn't had one wet accident.  He is great about suddenly telling me when he needs to go potty.  He is very close to being fully potty trained and not needing the diapers when he sleeps.  However, the illusive #2 has become a problem.

Since Memorial Day weekend, when we went exclusively to big boy underwear, Bradley refuses to go #2- AT ALL!  He holds it for days at a time.  He waited and went in his diaper one morning first thing.  Then several more days went by.  Finally, the day after his birthday, on Wednesday, June 8th, after lacing his apple juice with Karo syrup, Bradley finally pooped on his big boy potty.  He was at home with mom when it happened, so I got a picture text at work that morning of the end result.  I have never been so excited to view feces!

To celebrate, he got his stick horse right away, and then we all went to Chuck E Cheese the next night for our aptly-named Poopy Party.
"Bullseye," Bradley's new stick horse
Bradley's still holding it in for several days, but I am happy to report he went #2 again on his potty tonight, so hopefully I have bought my last box of diapers!

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Kristen said...

He is so cute. He looks quite proud of Bullseye! Addie was a "holder," too. I never understood that, but am kinda glad to know she's not the only kid who has done that ;) Hooray for Bradley and no more diapers!!!!