Wednesday, June 15, 2011


There was one day the week before last when I thought I was absolutely losing my mind.  I had been operating on very little sleep, simultaneously getting ready for Rhonda's baby shower, and Bradley's birthday.  While dropping Bradley off at daycare that morning, I stood at the door staring at the keypad.  All of a sudden, my mind went blank and I couldn't for the life of me remember the code I needed to punch to get in.  Mind you, this is a code I punch nearly every day of my life and has become so routine that I normally don't think twice about it.  But this morning I had a mental block.  Slowly the numbers came to me, but not in the right order.  I finally had to waive through the window and have one of the other teachers let me, the crazy mom who forgot the door code, into the building.  So that's how my day began.
Fast forward to that morning at work.  Do you ever get songs stuck in your head?  The main problem with this is that it's never the entire song on repeat running through your subconscious, but rather the same two or three lines, over and over.  This morning the song in question was Britney Spears' latest, about dancing till the world ends.  I don't even like the song, so that's even more maddening to keep singing the lines over and over.  Eventually, my subconscious must have turned its attention elsewhere, and I was able to concentrate on work instead of techno dancing at a club. 
Later that afternoon however, it happened again with a different song- the Spin Doctor's Two Princes.  This song easily makes it to my top 10 list of irritating songs that I never want to hear again, and here it was, on repeat in my head.  What is wrong with me today, I thought?!  First forgetting the daycare code, then that stupid Britney Spears song, and now the Spin Doctors.  I am neurotic, I thought.  The scariest part to me was that I couldn't trace why I would have this song in my head.  I hadn't heard it recently, so what was it that triggered this tune?
Then I had my Ah-ha moment. 
I glanced down at a work-related letter I just sent sent someone.  The person's email address began with "2stinsons@..."  At once I had to laugh at myself!  My brain had associated "2stinsons" with Two Princes.  (Say them both out loud, and you'll know what I mean.)  At least having traced the source of my current neurosis, I felt a little better.  Whenever I get a song stuck in my head, I play a little game with myself and see if I can determine the subconscious culprit of why a particular ditty has camped out in my brain.  I feel that if I can at least determine the cause for the repetitive tune popping up out of seemingly nowhere, it makes me feel a little more sane.  So on this day, I won the game.  And I lost, because really, that Spin Doctors son just grates on your nerves.

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