Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday

Bradley is officially 3 years old today.  Time flies, and all that other cliche stuff.  We had a Toy Story themed birthday party for him last night, and didn't get him to bed til 10 o'clock, so I didn't even think about trying to go through pictures or get a blog done last night.  Tonight after putting him to bed, I had high hopes for myself, and for the waning DivaDomain.  Alas, editing and organizing said birthday party photos took up my entire evening, and now I am spent!! 

There just are not enough hours in the day.  So the party will have to be recapped later.  Here are a few shots from today, because if I don't at least get something posted now, I fear I never will!

Carrying on my family's tradition of putting a present on Bradley's bed to open first thing in the morning on his birthday- this was a set of 3 dinosaur puzzles.
 Eating leftover birthday cake and ice cream in his birthday t-shirt I ordered from Etsy.
 Bradley & Grandma B
 Bradley & mommy
 The new bedding I got for B from Target.  He's also wearing new pjs from Aunt Conley...
 ... and proudly displaying the pillow that Ya-ya (Sandy) made for him
 Putting a band-aid on Buzz Lightyear's boo-boo.  We're all about the boo-boos these days.  It's a hot topic for conversation, and many a boo-boo, both genuine and fictitious, have been doctored up with a brightly colored band-aid. 
We go for his 3 year check up tomorrow, so I will post the official stats soon.  Happy birthday, B!  Becoming a mom 3 years ago has changed me, and made me a better person.  Having you was the most unexpected blessing I have ever been given, and even though I'm 30 and still don't know what career path suits me best, I know one thing:  being a mom is the best job I never knew I wanted. 

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MamaB said...

You are a chip off the ole block dear Amanda as that is what I used to tell anyone when we would talk about what career we wanted--I knew that being a mom was the best thing that I did--and now grandparenting even tops that!