Monday, June 07, 2010

TWO big

My little man is TWO years old today!!  For weeks we have been prepping him for the big day, explaining to him that he will no longer be one (holding up one finger) but two (holding up two), and whenever we asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he would say "Cake" with a big grin.
  • Bradley is talking up a storm these days, putting word combinations together like "phone ringing!" "car beep beep" or my personal favorite, "Bad dog, chew up book" on a particularly naughty day for Chandler. 
  • Speaking of Chandler, Bradley loves to give him bones, and he knows his full name, hollaring out, "Chandler Biiiing" whenever we get home.
  • He knows the names of all his little friends, and most of my friends as well
  • He can spell his name, and thinks that any word he sees in print also spells Bradley
  • He knows his shapes, colors, recognizes numbers, and can count to ten.
  • When we pray at dinner or at bedtime he says Amen with me, and knows that we are talking to Jesus or God.
  • He knows the difference between airplanes and helicopters, and is obsessed with pointing them out.  In the area we live, there are airplanes all the time!
  • I won't have his official stats until we go to the doctor, but I know he weighs around 30 pounds, has a huge buddah belly, and is probably still very short for his age.
  • Thanks to my friend Sondra, we cut his hair this week so the long locks are gone.  Bradley looks much more grown up with his new 'do.
  • Doesn't like most vegetables or fruit- even the ones he used to like
  • Loves spaghetti, french fries, Goldfish, ketchup & ranch dressing
  • Has been pitching the most fantastic temper tantrums lately- any advice with how to control these???
  • For his birthday he got tons of Elmo stuff, balls, a basketball goal, a toy guitar, a portable dvd player, a remote controlled car, bath & beach toys, a slip & slide, and a personalized Elmo cd, among other things.  His birthday party was a blur- more to come on that later!!! 
I love the age Bradley is at now, and as usual, wish I could keep him this way forever, but I'm excited to see how much he will change and learn and grow in the next year to come!


Brian Vilendrer said...

he really is getting big, I love him too at this age and wish he could stay that way. I like it when he say's "I fly again"

Rhonda said...

What a smart little man you have! Wish I could give him a birthday hug :)