Thursday, June 10, 2010

Elmo's World

For Bradley's 2nd birthday party, I had everything planned to a tee for an Elmo's World birthday party at Tiger Point Park.  The kids would play on the playground, the adults could stay under the pavillion and nosh on snacks.  I had decorations galore, and had thought of everything- a magic marker to write names on drinks, coolers to keep the cupcakes and ice cream cold, extra toilet paper for the park bathrooms, and even a towell to dry off the playground equipment should a rain cloud pass.  I was stressed-out, but prepared!  However, no matter how much I thought I had everything under control, there was one thing out of my control... the weather.

What appeared on the radar as a few tiny rain blips before we left the house turned into a full on monsoon just as the party was about to start.  I began to field phone calls texts from party guests left  right as we tried to decide how to handle things, &  I remained in panic mode, beyond discouraged by the rain.

Bradley with Grandma Ann, Grandma B & Papa
Family photo- notice the pouring rain in the background, our soaking wet clothes, & windblown-decorations!
This face says it all.  I had wanted a picture-perfect photo of me and the birthday boy, and this is what I got... wet clothes, soaked hair, and a fussy boy not wanting to smile for the camera!  If there is one picture that represents the day, it's this one.

After 30 minutes of heavy rain, thunder, & lightening, we gave up and took down the decorations at the park and loaded everything in the middle of the thunderstorm back into the cars, and relocated the party to our house.  20 adults and 10 kids in my house on a rainy day was not my ideal party scene, but you know what?  Bradley had no idea what was going on, and so I'm sure he was happy no matter what.  The kids played inside and out back on the patio, the adults hung out, and everyone celebrated our little man turning two.

the party decor
Blowing out the candles... the cute Elmo 2 candle got lost in the shufle between the park & our house, so I settled for two regular birthday cake candles.

Finally the birthday boy gets what he's been asking for for weeks- Cake!!!

opening presents- a toy guitar
Family members caught sitting around amidst all the chaos- Laura, Ann, Mom &  dad
I hope someday soon we will look back at this party and laugh at the circumstances surrounding it. I'm not to that point just yet, however.


Mary Anna said...

The Elmo cupcakes are FANTASTIC!

Brian Vilendrer said...

Great blog honey,

You did a wonderful job decorating and planning.

-Beth- said...

So sorry about the rain :( Everything looked great anyway - and those cupcakes turned out ADORABLE! Bradley will never remember, he will look at these pics one day and see the wonderful party! :) And hey, these things are stressful for mommas even in perfect situations!!

MamaB said...

Beth is right--birthday parties are stressful no matter where they are....but the kids enjoy them no matter what is going on. You did a wonderful job and I am always amazed at your organization and detail.
Little B had a GREAT day!