Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The terrible Twos

Something weird is going on.  I sincerely believe I have been cursed with a case of the terrible twos- and it has nothing to do with Bradley.  Just last week, I attempted to enjoy a couple beers with my pizza.  The first beer went down fine, no problem, but upon receiving my second beer, my stomach was so full I couldn't bring myself to imbibe the brew.  Not only could I not finish it, I barely began it before letting it waste in dismay.  And here's another two-fer: I only ate 2 pieces of pizza that night.  No, we're not talking about crap-in-a-box pizza, we're talking about mouthwatering Mellow Mushroom.  No matter how intoxicating the smell and taste of it this night, I could not force myself to eat another piece, or even bite, and I am a notoriously famous over-eater, if by famous you mean among my close personal friends and family.  Two pieces of pizza was all she wrote that night. 

Days later we went to get ice cream.  I spurged and ordered a double scoop on a sugar cone.  Two wonderfully complimentary flavors, one tasty crunchy cone, one disapointed me.  I could not make a dent in that cone.  I'd say I barely finished one scoop before I had to relent, and force my cone upside down in a cup to be thrown away, mostly uneaten.  I didn't even make it to the deliciously sweet and crunchy cone! 

What is going on here?  Are pigs flying here?  Is oil spilling in the Gulf of Mexico?  My stomach is shrinking, I am being deprived of my favorite comfort & coping mechanism- eating large quantities of my favorite foods- and I am being tormeneted with a tough curse of the terrible twos.  What's a gal in distress to do???

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