Thursday, June 10, 2010

Surfin' USA

For mother's day this year Laura & I got mom a 2 hour surf lesson with a personal instructor.  She has always wanted to surf as a child growing up in the 60's, and this event was at the top of her "Bucket List."

The weekend they were here for B's birthday we set up her lesson with Ben from Innerlight Surf Shop, none too soon too, as the oil is infringing on the beaches as we speak.  Ben met us out at Navarre Beach, and taught mom the ABC's of surfing.  Ironically, the ABC's started neither with A, B, or C.  Here is mom and Ben, having their lesson on the beach.
Time to get out in the water!
I have to admit, I was scared for mom.  She's not the strongest swimmer, and it was a Red flag that day, meaning "dangerous surf" aka the waves were pounding pretty hard.  Here she is starting to stand up.
Check out our Little Surfer Girl
Coming in to take a break
Getting the seaweed out of mom's hair
Yay, mom! 
Surf's up, dude!  Mom poses with Ben, her surf instructor

Finally, a short video compilation of all her surf attempts caught on film


MamaB said...

I had a great time and only wish I hadn't worn out so fast. But I did it and it was fun watching you girls try as well and joining in on my dream. Thanks!!

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