Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Fun with friends

 I have been behind on posting reguarly, so here's a compilation of pictures from the month of May.  At the same time I can recap our busy social agenda!  Once a week, we still had Kindermusik class, which is over for a few weeks until the summer session begins.  We also met up with moms and kids from our church at different parks in the area.  I wish I had some pictures from these get togethers, and will have to do better about that.

My friend Sara hosted a Dove Chocolate party one Friday night, and even though the stuff was way too expensive to buy, it was fun to sample everything!  I went out earlier that night for sushi with a few girls from church, and then we all went to the chocolate party afterwards- it was the perfect Girl's Night Out!
L to R, Me, Tanessa, a very pregnant (and mid-laughing) Stephanie, & Amanda
Jessica, Sara, and I

Tyler and Felicia had a going away party/housewarming party a few weeks ago.  Bradley & baby Nevaeh got the biggest kick out of kissing each other!

And Bradley and Lukas played really well together.  Here they are inside, examining a bug together.  And no, that's not Bradley's empty Bud Light box.  The boys would eventually trap the bug under Lukas' snack cup, and then they would check on the "buggy" periodically!
The girls:  Me, Jennifer, Felicia, & Amy
I finally joined my local chapter of the MOMS club.  My friend Sara is now the president so she convinced me it was time to join.  Honestly I wish I done this sooner because they plan weekly activities for the stay-at-home moms and kids, like playdates, beach days, and trips to the zoo, which is what these next few pictures are from.  That's Bradley, Andrew, Sophia, and Victoria on the merry-go-round.
And this was my brilliant idea- to get all our kids together for a picture.  Not the easiest task!!!  And not the best picture either... oh well!!
One night last week our friends Justin & Jennifer through a dinner party and invited 3 other families to join in on the fun.  It was so much fun to watch the kids playing together while the adults got some quality time with friends.  Here are all our little ones on the couch.  L to R, Jospeh, Bradley, Andrew, Catalina, & Lukas.
We have made some great friends down here, and can find plenty to get us out of the house and keep us busy!

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