Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter weekend in TN

The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed!

Bradley and I went up to Tennessee for several days for my friend Tadd's wedding, and also got to celebrate Easter while we were there. We arrived on Thursday afternoon, and apparently brought the warm weather with us from Florida. The sunshine, low 80s and no humidity made for plenty of time spent outside while we were there.

Things Bradley enjoyed this trip:

  • Being chased up the stairs
  • Using the doggie door to go outside
  • Throwing rocks into the pond and making a splash
  • Swinging out back (for 2 minutes, then he was onto something else!
  • Chasing Juju (Laura & George's wiener dog)
  • Playing at the park with G&G
  • Going to McDonalds and playing at that playground
  • Playing with all of Laura's and my old fischer price toys with Grandma
  • Learning where the fruit snacks were kept and asking for them by name
  • Learning his colors and learning to count
  • Blowing and chasing "buhboos"

    Things Mommy enjoyed about this trip:

  • Amazing home-cooked food (ie. the seared filet that Laura made with a blue cheese cream sauce, and the to-die-for coconut cake made by mom)
  • Spending the day shopping, eating, and getting pedis with Laura
  • Getting to eat at some of my favorite restaurants (Royal Thai, Blue Coast Burrito, Calypso Cafe, Mellow Mushroom)
  • Going back to bed after Bradley got up with Grandma at 6:30am
  • Reading a book in its entirety (Shutter Island- way creepy!)
  • Seeing her best friend from high school Tadd get married
  • A long lunch with old co-workers
  • The gorgeous weather, and Tennessee scenery

Chasing the bubbles out back one afternoon

Throwing rocks into the pond

Dying Easter eggs. Notice the blue hands on both me and Bradley, hence the reason for the bib!

Laura and I in our matching dresses

Showing us the car he found in one of his eggs. Bradley hunting Easter eggs didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped! He wasn't as excited about finding the eggs as he was wanting to stop and eat every piece of candy, animal cracker, and fruit snack that was in each egg.

Family Easter photo

Bradley with all of his Easter eggs... check out the enormous ones Grandma B found for him!

We had the most fantastic trip up to Tennessee. It was a bummer that Brian couldn't go with us, but a blessing too that because he didn't go, Bradley and I were able to stay for longer. Thank you mom, dad, Laura, and George for everything!

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MamaB said...

Thank YOU and BRADLEY for coming up for Easter. It was a beautiful weekend and it is lonely here now.