Tuesday, April 27, 2010

C is for Cookie

And here we are, back up and running after yet another computer virus!

Plus after all the sadness that's plagued our family this week with Grandpa Cimpher passing away (Brian's grandpa), it's time to look ahead and find new things to smile about.

Bradley is learning new words all the time. He repeats everything we say, and astonishes me with all that he knows now. We actually are able to have conversations now! He tells me what he wants, and I understand! Last week I gave him the other half to the banana he had for breakfast. I walked away to get some other food ready. When I came back, the banana was already gone. No way he ate that so fast. So I asked.
Bradley, did you eat the banana?
No, he said shaking his head, and then he told me he gave the banana to "Cha Cha" (Chandler). I couldn't be upset because he was just so darn cute, and I was thrilled that I could ask a question that my son understood, and that he could respond back so I could understand!

One of Bradley's favorite words right now is cookie. He wakes up in the morning and I'm not kidding, one of the first things out of his mouth when I walk in the room is "Cookie?"
No, I answer, we don't eat cookies for breakfast.
Well, Grandma B sometimes does, but I wasn't going to tell him that. And so without further ado, a few pictures and a short video of the cookie monster himself!


Photo Joe said...

How precious!!! mo' cookie. However I think my favorite part is "Why you gotta ruin the video??" HAHA!

Katie said...

Tell Brian that he says, "Sweet, dude" very well. You must be so proud... :)

emmysue said...


PS - Tomorrow is our 6 yr friend anniversary! Yes, I still write that in my planner. Love you, friend!

MamaB said...

He sure says that plain enough!! MOre COOkie!! And yes, Grandma B does have MORE COOKIES for breakfast every now and then!!

MamaB said...

I watched this several more times and it makes me smile because not only does he say "more cookie", he moves his head when he says it and it is just so, so cute.