Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the bite is definitely worse than the bark

Whoever said its bark is worse than its bite was obviously not a mother.

I can tell you from personal experience today that I would much rather have watched in shock as the dog barked at Bradley instead of bite him! Yep, Bradley survived his first-ever dog bite, and lived for me to tell the tale. We were over at my friend's house this morning hanging out and letting our boys play when this unfortunate event happened. I have always assumed that dogs who live in houses with small children are good with kids in general, but I guess I had to learn the hard lesson today that you can never be too careful! Just because a dog is used to their own "siblings" doesn't mean they are used to other kids.

I was sitting on the couch when it happened, and ironically, keeping a close eye on Bradley to make sure he was being gentle with the miniature pincher, since B tends to be rough with Chandler. Bradley was offering the dog some plastic play food, and reached forward to give the dog a hug when out of nowhere the dog barked, and bit Bradley right on the forehead. Bradley cried, I was stunned, and my friend was almost in tears herself! Her dog has never bitten anyone before, so I'm not sure why my kid got to be the first! We put the dog up and put ice on B's head and gave him some Tylenol to help with the swelling. We will just be more careful in the future, and keep those two separated from now on!


Rhonda said...

Aww poor little B! I am glad it wasn't his nose or something though. And glad you do not seem mad about it....I would probably be! But that's why you're so awesome :) Hope he gets better soon!

Erin said...

Oh no Amanda. That's awful. I hope he feels better very soon. I just hate that happened to him.

MamaB said...

"Doggie bite"---been there and done that but at least yours wasn't a dog bite by your OWN dog like you had. Thank goodness no stitches like you had.