Wednesday, January 27, 2010


You know what they say about Karma, and what goes around comes around? Well it's true.

Saturday was my friend Kim's 31st birthday, and I reveled in every opportunity to remind her how "old" she was. It just so happens that it was also her son Andrew's birthday the same day, so we attended his birthday party at Tiger Point Park. It was a blustery day here in FL, so I decided to style my hair in youthful pigtails to get my hair out of my face.

I am still getting used to the brunette color, but so far the response has been nothing but positive from everyone around me. I miss the blonde, but I was determined to dye my tresses back to their natural color to give myself a few years of necessary-regular-color-appointment- free hair.

Back to the park. There I am standing at the playground with my other friends, watching our kids run around, when Brian come up behind me and gleefully shouts that he's found a gray hair!

A WHAT? I shouted agahst. No you didn't.

To prove his point, our friend Amy checked my pigtail part, as I stood there in rigid anticipation, and sure enough, Brian plucked it and handed the proof to me. There it was in my hand, unable to be denied; a long brown strand tipped with silvery gray, in all its wirey glory.

I'm not even 30 yet, I whined, as everyone around me chuckled in amusement, and Kim, my "old" 31 year old friend pointed and laughed. Yes, what goes around comes around.

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Brian Vilendrer said...

ah yes but I still love you honey