Monday, January 11, 2010

A Florida Christmas

This was the first Christmas I was not home with my family to celebrate, and I am proud to say I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Though I certainly missed out on many traditions (putting the ornaments on the velcro advent tree, Christmas Eve candlelight service, opening presents with Laura on Christmas Eve, and mom's homemade punch) and I definitely missed being there with everyone, I had fun playing hostess here on Christmas Day to Ann, and a guy named Chad who is in the Air Force, and had no one to spend Christmas with. Though I will say it's certainly more stressful being the hostess! Instead of getting to watch It's A Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve like I normally do, I was sweeping floors, and making monkey bread at the 11th hour!

This was Bradley's 2nd Christmas, and he was much more aware of the holiday this year. He recognizes Santa everywhere, and says "ho ho" whenever he sees him. The tree fascinated him, but surprisingly I didn't have to stay on him about not touching the ornaments. He unwrapped presents slowly, and tried to unwrap a few gifts prematurely that were under the tree before Christmas morning.

Christmas morning the first gift Bradley got was his rocking horse made by Brian (and painted partially by me). We have an adorable video where he exclaims "a horse!" as he runs to it.

Ann came over that morning around 8:30, and we commenced to opening presents! One of the first gifts Bradley got to was a box of his favorite fruit snacks from Grandma Anna, so of course we had to open the box and give him a package! You can tell how excited he gets about food!

Here's Chandler opening his new warm blanket from Ann. Our newest family member laid around lazily and watched us open gifts. He was most interested in Ann's dog Max, who only stayed til after breakfast and then went home.

A very festive Grandma Anna and Max

The gifts Bradley most enjoyed were the rocking horse, the fruit snacks, and the blocks.

I made the grandparents an awesome calendar from Snapfish going month by month of pictures from Bradley's first year, and split the month of June with his birth and first birthday. Here's Grandma Anna opening hers!

Brian did great shopping for me this year, and managed to find me an amazing pink oversized Coach bag from an outlet store. Here I am with Holly (named both for the Christmas holiday, and the sales associate who rang her up- freaky huh?). Isn't she beautiful?
Mmmmm.... breakfast! Homemade monkey bread, juice, and lots of coffee. That $4 bouquet that I used for my centerpiece was such a great purchase. Flowers are just so darn cheerful!

Bradley's big present from Ann was a Mach 5 Speedracer car. Bradley still hasn't gotten the hang of pushing down the pedal and steering at the same time, but I know as soon as the weather warms up he'll have it down!

After breakfast we went into the cul de sac to try it out!
Brian got Bradley this black and decker tool kit set, so he's demonstrating the proper use of the hard hat and tool belt.

And now poor Bradley is all decked out and looking quite miserable I might add!
Here's B in front of the Christmas tree with all of his gifts, so that I can try and remember years down the road what all he got!

Mmmm! More food!! This was our table spread of snacky foods we munched on throughout the day that included cheese balls and crackers, chips and salsa, little weenies, sugar cookies, chex mix, and homemade 7 layer cookie bars and mint chocolate chip cookies made by me, and homemade pumpkin bars, snowballs, and oatmeal raisin cookies made by Ann.

For Christmas dinner, Brian and Chad manned the new grill that Brian got, and after putting it together, grilled steaks for our main course. I made rosemary potatoes in the oven, and sauteed some fresh green beans, and for added starch, and a kid-friendly side dish we had white cheddar cheese and shells. Aside from the other aforementioned desserts I also had made a pumpkin pie for Brian. I pulled out our fancy dishes and used cloth napkins for the Christmas Day dinner occasion. In the background we listened to our cable tv's holiday music station all day.

That night after Chad left, our neighbor across the street Paul came over and once Bradley was snuggled in bed dreaming of sugar plums, we four played Cranium Hoopla and Taboo! It was a fun day of hopefully new family traditions, celebrating the birth of Jesus.

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Bradley - Presh!
Holly, the pink Coach bag - amazing, go Brian!
You - such a little hostess!!!